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We are a full-service adoption agency, and will walk with you every step of the way.

Adoption & Beyond understands how difficult it can be to choose the right agency to guide you through your adoption process. It is for this reason Adoption & Beyond offers free office consultations. During an in-person consultation meeting, we will take an in-depth look at each of the adoption avenues available in order for you to determine which options(s) are right for your family and how Adoption & Beyond can assist you with each opportunity.


Adoption & Beyond is available to perform domestic, embryo, private and international adoptive home study assessments as well as post-adoption services. An approved home study is required in order to adopt a child. A home study is a comprehensive evaluation of your family life and home environment.

At the first meeting, an adoption professional will meet informally with you to get to know you with discussion centering on your desire to adopt and the paperwork required for the home study process. The paperwork involves sharing your personal background, financial and other relevant information required by your state of residence. Upon completion of the home study paperwork, a home visit and adoption educational workshop, the home study report is written and prepared for submission to the appropriate authorities.

There are post-adoption visits required once a child is placed in your home. During the post-adoption process, we offer advice and guidance as you transition your child into your home. Each state and country has its own guidelines regarding the number of post-adoption visits required.

Adoption & Beyond seeks to provide services to prospective birth parents who are considering an adoption plan for their child. We work with the prospective birth parents and the prospective adoptive family by providing adoption education, guidance and child placement services.

Adoption & Beyond is able to guide families in selecting which international agency will best match their family’s dynamics. We network with a number of international agencies who have programs in many different countries. Adoption & Beyond works closely with a family’s selected international agency in order to serve as the local liaison to complete the international home study process, and to provide post-adoption services.

Private adoptions occur when a family locates a prospective birth parent through their own networking efforts either by word of mouth or a connection through an adoption attorney or referral service. Adoption & Beyond frequently assists families with their private adoptions by providing the prospective birth family and the prospective adoptive family with adoption education and guidance.


Embryo adoption occurs when another family has completed their family through in-vitro fertilization and has remaining frozen embryos that they wish to place for adoption. Families may choose to adopt frozen embryos in hopes they will be able to carry and give birth to their adopted child. Adoption & Beyond works closely with a family’s selected embryo placement program to serve as the local liaison to complete the home study process.

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