Expectant Parent Adoption Guide


At Adoption & Beyond, each of us have had our hearts touched by adoption. We understand that exploring this choice is a brave step to take. Our goal is to know you and your story and to learn how we can best help you make a well-informed, rational decision based more on information than emotion.

It is amazing how life can take you down an unexpected path. You are not alone in an unplanned pregnancy and, like you, millions of women across the country seek guidance in making a realistic plan for the future of their child and for themselves.

We recommend that you first discuss your feelings with people who will be supportive: your partner, close friends or family members. If you don’t yet feel comfortable sharing with others, or don’t have trusted support,we are here to listen and offer free guidance and encouragement as you explore your options.

Most importantly, we want you to be at peace with the decision you make and we hope you choose to share your journey with us. 

We invite you to download the free Expectant Parent Adoption Guide below to learn more about your two life-giving options: Adoption and Parenting.

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