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Adoption & Beyond performs domestic, international, private, and embryo adoptive home study assessments.

Staring down a mountain of paperwork?

If you want to adopt and are looking into what steps you must take in order to bring a child into your family, you’re likely realizing that the paperwork required for a home study can… stack up. Figuring out where to start, how to keep track of everything, and even how to fill out detailed forms can be quite daunting. But the process doesn’t have to be so overwhelming.

At Adoption & Beyond, we have an efficient home study process and friendly staff ready to help.

We know you’re eager to get the paperwork behind you and get on with the homecoming of your child, so we work efficiently, normally completing our portion of the home study process within 4-8 weeks.


We’re here for you, every step of the way.

Start with a free, no-pressure consultation so you can move forward confidently and fully informed.


The attorney we used to file our case specifically commented on how thorough and well done our home study was. Thanks!

Dennis and Mendy

I was actually thinking about adoption and beyond this week… I recently got my LOA, and learned that a very high percentage of families who needed one or more waivers are getting no letters instead of LOAs from China. I’m certain that the thoroughness and detail in my home study contributed significantly to my family getting past the higher level of scrutiny that’s now being applied.


I want to tell you that we had our home study this past Friday and we attended the international workshop on Saturday. I am so impressed with the wonderful ladies that work with you to help us through our adoption journey. It was such a pleasure to meet our social worker and welcome her into our home. And, then Saturday was relaxed and so informative. Margie was a joy to get to know

Veronica H.

You deserve a clear process and a compassionate guide.

Watch a short video to get a glimpse of how we support adoptive parents through an important journey.

We’re honored you’re here.

Here’s a little about us:

I’m Steffany, and I founded Adoption & Beyond, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in 1998. I, along with each member of our staff, have been both personally and professionally impacted by adoption, and many of us have been through the home study process ourselves.

As a non-profit, Hague Accredited child-placing agency, we work diligently to uphold ethical values and transparency in everything we do, while always keeping the child’s best interests at heart. It’s our privilege to assist approximately 100 families per year with their home study process.


I want to send you our most sincere thanks for all of your help in the home study process. there are so many moving parts and you’ve been there every step of the way! wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year!

 Jake & Steffeny

Thank you so much for all your help. By the way, when I was at the embassy the American working there looking at our paperwork said your home study was the most quickly approved and best she had ever seen and I know it is due to all your agency’s quality of workmanship. We have so enjoyed working with you and are looking forward to doing our post-placement work with you!

Brian and Jenny

As always, your Home Study reports are well written and informative! Thanks.

Katie (International Agency)

The home study process doesn’t have to be so intimidating.



1. Schedule a Free Consultation

Even if you’re not completely sure where to start or what direction you’re going, go ahead and schedule a free consultation. We’ll walk you through your options and help you determine next steps. Schedule your free consultation.

2. Complete your Adoptive Home Study

We’ll walk you through the home study paperwork at your initial consultation so you can get started as soon as you’re ready. Our virtual home study portal makes gathering and organizing paperwork refreshingly easy!

3. Be Ready To Adopt, in the U.S. or Abroad

With the home study complete, you’re approved to adopt — what an accomplishment! At that point, you can focus on preparing your heart and home for a sweet little someone to arrive.

You might be surprised at how smoothly things can come together.

How much does a home study cost?

Adopting a child is an investment of both the heart and your finances. We believe you deserve 100% transparent fees at every stage.

Don’t get stuck staring at the list of steps.

The adoption process can look endlessly long when you’re at the beginning looking in. But with a completed home study, your dreams of a little one to light up your life are suddenly so much closer to being realized! Don’t miss a moment of future family time together. 

Let’s make that dream a reality.


Get a head start on your home study...

Download our free checklist to view the common items required during your adoption home study process.

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