Financial Assitance

Many resources are available to lessen the financial impact of adoption on your family. Explore the options below, or contact us for more information.
FEDERAL AND State Adoption Tax credits

A number of states offer a State Adoption Tax Credit. The states of Kansas and Missouri are among those states that do offer an Adoption Tax Credit for certain types of adoption. In addition, there is a Federal Adoption Tax Credit available for all types of adoption. To learn more you can click on the links below.




Employment Benefits

Some companies offer adoption benefits to their employees, if your place of employment does not currently offer adoption benefits, the Dave Thomas Foundation website has a wonderful resource for materials you can provide to your employer in order to encourage them to offer adoption benefits to their employees.  

Military Personnel

The military offers adoption benefits to most active military personnel who are working with a qualified adoption agency or professional who is authorized to place children for adoption under state or local law.

Grants, Loans, and Fundraising

There are many financial grants and some loans available to families to help offset some of the adoption costs.  The website links below will provide you with this information in addition to practical advice on saving for adoption expenses and fundraising ideas.

  • The website, Adopt Debt Free, offers an on-line course on how to adopt without debt and coaches you each step of the way.
  • The website, Resources 4 Adoption, is an excellent online resource for adoptive families seeking comprehensive and up-to-date information on adoption grants and loans and how to qualify for them with lots of additional tips to assist families in removing the financial barriers associated with adoption.
  • The website,, has a number of ideas on how to afford an adoption, including information on saving for the adoption and personal loan ideas.
  • website, American Christian Credit Union, offers financial assistance. They have three options to choose from: Adoption Loan, Home Equity Adoption Loan or Adoption Grant Credit Card.
  • book, You Can Adopt Without Debt, Creative Ways To Cover The Cost Of Adoption, by Julie Leanne Gumm.

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