Adoption Services Fee Schedule

Adoption & Beyond

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Welcome to our Fee Schedule. You can see in FULL TRANSPARENCY our fee schedule so you know what to expect without any surprises. We believe a successful partnership starts at the very beginning with integrity, trust and communication.

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Home Study Fee Schedule

Home Study Services

A home study is an educational tool used by Adoption & Beyond, Inc. (Agency) to prepare Hopeful Adoptive Parents (AP) to adopt a child. It is also an assessment process to determine whether AP is suitable to adopt and care for a child in a safe, nurturing, and healthy environment.

Adoption & Beyond, Inc. is available to perform domestic, international, private, foster care and embryo adoptive home study assessments. An approved home study is required to adopt a child.

Post-Placement/Post-Adoption Services

Once AP adopts a child, post-placement/post-adoption supervision visits and reports are required to ensure healthy adjustments for everyone. The number and timing of post-placement/post-adoption reports are determined by the placing agency, country, and/or state. Usually, 4 – 6 reports are required.

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Infant Domestic Adoption Fee Schedule

Adoption & Beyond, Inc.’s (Agency) domestic adoption program offers support, guidance, and coaching throughout the adoption process and beyond. Once Hopeful Adoptive Parents (AP) completes their home study (for residents of Kansas & Missouri we offer Home Study Services) they are welcome to apply for entrance into Agency’s Adoption Program. An Agency Adoption occurs when a home study approved AP is selected by an Expecting Birth Parent (BP) working with Agency on an adoptive placement plan.

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