Infant Domestic Adoption Fee Schedule

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Adoption & Beyond, Inc.’s (Agency) domestic adoption program offers support, guidance, and coaching throughout the adoption process and beyond. Once Hopeful Adoptive Parents (AP) completes their home study (for residents of Kansas & Missouri we offer Home Study Services) they are welcome to apply for entrance into Agency’s Adoption Program. An Agency Adoption occurs when a home study approved AP is selected by an Expecting Birth Parent (BP) working with Agency on an adoptive placement plan.

Type of Fee
Fee Due Date

Agency Entrance Fee

Type of Fee

The domestic adoption entrance fee includes one or more of the following Services provided by Agency:

  • Establishing and maintaining AP’s adoption file
  • Providing care to BP as they decide if adoption is right for them and their baby
  • Screening and supporting BP in the adoption process
  • Sending Social and Medical Background materials to BP
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Facebook group support and network
  • Monthly support group
  • Weekly educational videos
  • Guidance on how to find an adoption profile expert to help you create your adoption profile and video
  • Personalized review and feedback of your adoption profile
  • AP’s online adoption profile is viewable on Agency’s website
  • Provide AP with a curated list of other adoption professionals to sign up with in conjunction with us, which will broaden your reach and help to decrease your wait time to adopt your baby.
  • Resource list of adoption attorneys to assist with your adoption process
  • If AP matches through another adoption professional, Agency will continue to help guide you and answer questions through placement and finalization
  • Serving as the ICPC receiving agency
  • Presenting AP’s adoption profile when appropriate
  • Networking AP’s adoption profile with other adoption professionals when appropriate and make sure AP is aware of other adoption opportunities shared with Agency
  • Community Outreach/Training (hospitals, clinics, crisis pregnancy centers, schools and clergy, etc.)
Application for Services


Fee Due Date
  • Submission of domestic adoption entrance paperwork
  • The fee is non-refundable.
  • AP can remain in the program with a current home study until a child enters AP’s home (through adoption or giving birth to a biological child, etc.). 

Agency Matching Fee

Type of Fee

The domestic adoption match fee includes one or more of the following Services provided by Agency:


  • Coordinating initial meeting between BP and AP
  • Agency assists AP in developing a relationship with BP
  • Providing preparation for adoption throughout the adoption process, including but not limited to guidance, and emotional support
  • Expenses for in-person meetings with BP (travel, meals, snacks, and/or beverages)
  • Compiling BP’s (self-reported) Social and Medical Background, providing copies to attorneys, and reviewing it with AP
  • Sending Social and Medical Background materials to the alleged father (if able)
  • Collaboration with AP and BP’s attorneys through the adoption process and consultation with AP’s and BP’s attorneys regarding contacting the alleged birth father
  • Coordination, management, and disbursement of Pregnancy Related Living Expenses
  • Communicating with other professionals involved in the adoption process
  • Assistance with creating an open adoption agreement, if applicable
  • Assist BP in creating a hospital plan and sharing the plan with AP, BP’s attorney, and the hospital social worker
  • Emotional support to BP and AP during the hospital stay
  • Coordinating with BP attorney for the signing of relinquishment documents
  • Coordinating temporary interim care, if needed
  • AP and BP will receive support through the entire adoption process, from the moment a match is identified through placement and the finalization of the adoption
Application for Services


Fee Due Date
  • Within seven (7) days of matching with BP or for an expedited adoption at the time of placement.
  • This fee covers the services provided in a specific adoption opportunity. If placement does not occur half of the match fee is fully refundable.

Agency Placement Fee

Type of Fee

The domestic agency placement fee includes one or more of the following Services provided by the Agency:


  • Legal placement of a child into AP’s home
  • Coordinating and communicating with other adoption professionals
  • Facilitating hospital services through hospital social worker
  • Coordinating discharge from hospital
  • Coordination of transition care for baby (if needed)
  • Preparation of Interstate Compact Paperwork
  • Post-placement supervision, visits, and reports completion or review
  • Referrals to post-adoption resources for AP
  • Medical record releases
  • Adoption court hearings
  • Post-adoption care and support for birth parents: counseling, one-on-one case management, and access to a large community of supportive birth mothers
  • Lifelong access to Agency for continued guidance, resources, and support for the joys, and/or concerns as the child grows
Application for Services


Fee Due Date
  • Thirty (30) days before the expected birth due date (or at the time of placement for an expedited adoption)
  • Refundable minus any post-placement expenses, travel fees, etc. that have been applied and/or earned if the placement is disrupted by the BP or Agency before finalization of the adoption.
  • Paid via check or money order only; no credit card

Third-Party Fees

The following are typical costs that AP pays directly to a third party as part of the Domestic Adoption process. These variable costs are more difficult to estimate, as each Domestic Adoption opportunity is different and the fees will vary accordingly. AP understands that these are estimates only for planning purposes and these estimates are provided solely as a courtesy. AP agrees to release, indemnify, and hold Agency harmless from any and all claims, damages, and injuries caused by any inaccuracy in these estimated third-party fees.

Type of Fee

Adoption Profile Expense

  • AP creates with the help of a referred profile expert their adoption profile book, profile website, custom profile video, and online profile hosted on Agency website.


Fee Due Date
  • Upon working with adoption profile expert

Online Education Courses

Infant and child CPR and Infant Care Class

$55- $297

  • Upon registration of online education courses

Living Expenses

A BP may need pregnancy-related financial assistance for rent, utilities, maternity clothes, food, counseling/therapy, transportation, transition care, etc. while pregnant and up to six (6) weeks post-placement.
• These expenses are determined on a case-by-case basis. They are expenses you have agreed to pay and that are allowed by law.
• If BP decides to parent-child, living expenses paid are considered a gift and cannot be recovered

$0- $3,000+

  • Upon signing the match agreement or for an expedited adoption at the time of placement.

Attorney Expenses

AP will need to retain an adoption attorney and be responsible for the BP’s attorney costs as well. These fees are paid directly to the respective attorneys. The range in fees depends on the complexity of each specific adoption case.
• Agency will provide AP with a list of adoption attorneys


  • Retainer fee is due upon working with attorneys

Medical Expenses

In the rare event there are unpaid medical expenses for BP and/or the child related to the birth of the child, including any paternity testing, (hereinafter referred to as the “Medical Expenses”), AP shall be responsible for paying the Medical Expenses to the extent that such Medical Expenses are actually incurred and are not fully covered or not fully paid or reimbursed by a health benefit plan, including, but not limited to, Medicaid.

$0- $12,000+/

if no insurance coverage

  • Upon receipt of invoice  or medical bill

Total Average Cost for our Domestic Adoption Program

*Total cost will vary on a case-by-case basis.


Total Average Cost with Adoption Tax Credit

**Total cost after Adoption Tax Credit. Check the IRS for the current amount and eligibility requirements.


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