Our Wall Of Love

To begin at the end, we have now been proud parents of our adopted son for nine months. We are so thankful we met Steffany Aye from Adoption & Beyond for helping to make this dream come true. Steffany, who is exceptionally well-connected and has an excellent reputation nationally, had reached out to our adoption consultant because she was working with a birth mother who wanted to place her baby with a family from our state. We flew down to meet the birth mom about a month before the child was born and Steffany did a superb preparing for and facilitating that encounter. Steffany’s expertise, attention to detail, and kind understanding made our adoption journey comfortable and smooth. It’s clear that she understands how foreign this process can be for some and was always available to provide answers, information, and assistance. Our adoption took place during the beginning of the Covid outbreak so there were added complications and planning issues but Ms. Aye was persistent in communicating with the hospital and managing the changing policies brought about by a local rise in cases. It was because of her that we were able to be in the hospital for the birth and it was because of her that our son was able to spend his first moments with us. We were also impressed with the importance Steffany placed on tending to the birth mother’s needs before, during, and after the birth. It was important to us that the focus be on her during what was an unplanned and potentially trying time in her life. Steffany obviously knows what she is doing and continuously stayed in contact with the birth mom to guarantee she had everything she needed. Overall, we could not have asked for more from Steffany and Adoption & Beyond and would unreservedly recommend them to anyone.

Angela and George

How can I possibly write a good enough review to express how Adoption and Beyond helped us receive our greatest happiness?

Stephanie and her team were “beyond” helpful in facilitating our adoption. We did match privately, but A&B helped us be home study ready and guided us throughout every step of the process. Even as questions come up over a year later, we can always reach out and trust they will help us.

We met with several agencies before choosing to start with Adoption and Beyond and they were the clear winner, even over larger, national organizations. Everything from transparent cost with each fee, to be realistic about the time and effort involved. If we ever chose to adopt again, we would not hesitate to work with Adoption and Beyond again.


Thank you again for all of your assistance. You’ve truly been wonderful!

I’m CCing Steffany on this just to say that we both appreciate y’all working with us as a military family. Our timetable with only living in Kansas for 11 months is difficult, but we’re so grateful that the bulk of all of this [home study] is already done because you allowed us to. The portal system makes things much easier than some systems we know others use. I can’t imagine how much time in Kansas we would lose if we had to wait until arriving to start doing anything. Thank you again!




I’ve also had a couple people reach out to me wanting to know more about adoption. One is just starting to think about adoption, the other seems more serious moving forward. I’ve recommended Adoption & Beyond to both of them. We had such a wonderful experience working with you!




The support and education that is provided by Adoption and Beyond with the newsletters, videos, guides, blog posts, and email responses to questions has fostered a healthy environment for us to feel comfortable with continuous education about adoption, Ken and I feel that we are continuously learning more information week by week as we move along in our home study process.

Elizabeth & Ken

It’s been 3 years since our sweet Layla was born. I don’t think I ever got to properly put into words how much you all helped us become parents…  We have been using these past 3 years to form an amazing relationship with Layla’s birth mom… and I am so thankful we were chosen to be Layla’s parents… I’m excited and hopeful our relationship will continue to flourish but what I’m most thankful is that our sweet daughter has just more people in her life that truly love her and can explain more about her background when it comes to genetics!  

Thank you all for everything you do and everything you have done for us!


Thank you for all of your support, Shawna! It was a pleasure working with you. Your organization, clear communication, and kindness were very much appreciated!!



 We hope that you are well. We received the beautiful gifts today. We cannot thank you enough for them and for all of your support, patience and guidance. Olivia and the entire team are amazing. Thank you again for everything you did for us and what you do for other families who embark on this journey. Also, our social worker Kelly is so professional, compassionate and easy to talk to. We love when she visits. 


Adoption & Beyond has been amazing to work with during our adoption process. They were so informative and supportive as we were brand new to the adoption realm. Stephanie and her team took the time to answer all of our questions and make sure that we were well informed during our home study and post adoption visits. I can’t say enough good things about our journey using Adoption & Beyond and we would highly recommend them.

Grete & Brandon

You guys did excellent work, your agency is very careful in everything made sure there’s no mistake we learned a lot working together and all staff are all professionals, we will recommend you to anyone that needs a home study, we really appreciate everything.


A&B is a great agency to work for!😊

Shannon W.

Thank you for being so supportive! We truly feel so blessed with everything that’s happened. The wait was harder than I thought it would be, but it was so worth it. Thank you for being a part of our support system! 


Thank you so much! … You all have been so important in our adoption journeys! I am attaching a picture of our girls, who have grown so much and who are just beautiful people in every way. 

Thanks so much for everything!



We wanted to say a huge thank you for the role that Adoption & Beyond has played in the adoption of our son

G & B

I want to thank you all for your help with my adoption. You were all wonderful to work with. I am so thrilled to have finalization over. G… is my dream come true and the sweetest baby! We received the surprise in the mail. So very kind and appreciated. Thank you for all you do! You help make dreams come true! How amazing is that?!


What was your experience in adopting a child out of state?

Our experience was unexpected, and yet we felt as prepared as we could based on all the education from A&B. I honestly couldn’t have imagined that we would have an adoption out of state at the very beginning of this whole process. However, taking it each step of the way with A&B made it less stressful and less overwhelming. I would say be prepared for things to be outside your control and be flexible about the timeline. Finally, we chose to enjoy our time in another state with our new child making memories and bonding. That time is now a priceless memory!!


We’ve always been so thankful for you two in helping us become parents.


So glad you are thriving – you were a guiding light for us.  Happy holidays!  (Adopted from our agency back in 2000) 


You guys, have been tremendously helpful and truly are amazing, authentic, genuine, kind, and serve with all your heart. We will always have a special place for each of you that came on this journey with us.


Steffany – Thank you so much.  You guys have been so helpful through this process.  




I really appreciate your help, you’ve made this process very easy for me. 

M. (birth mother)

What was your experience in adopting a child out of state?

Relatively easy because we had a ton of support from A&B! I know I spoke to one of the SWs at least 3 times a day while we were out of state. That support made it so much easier for us.




Hi Steffany! I don’t know if you remember me! You helped me and my husband Jeff adopt back in 1997. I have been thinking of you and thought I would see if you were on Facebook. Thank you for your help so many years ago. Our baby Joshua turned 25 last week!!! He is an amazing “adult” I still call him my baby lol. Hope you are doing well. Thank you again for all your help way back when helping me become a mom ❤️



… the coaching your agency provided was very helpful in our match call and I believe eased the [mom’s] stress in regard to open adoption and the process.


A & M

Thank you, Steffany! You and your team have been amazing and we truly appreciate everything you’ve done thus far.




Thank you for all your continued support for us on our adoption journey. You guidance, patience answering all our emails and questions has helped us more than you can know.

We appreciate all you do!

Brantt and Melissa

Thanks so much for ALL your help through this process! You have been amazing and we are grateful for you!! 




Hi Steffany and Olivia!

…I appreciate everything you both have done for me over this past year both in encouragement and help with all that paperwork lol. (So much paperwork!)

I hope you both have a wonderful weekend and you made mine better already.

Thank you again! 




As always, your Home Study reports are well written and informative!  Thanks.

Katie (International Agency)

We adopted a child through Adoption & Beyond in 2014. We were drawn to Adoption & Beyond after talking with the Executive Director. Her expertise and professionalism combined with the the organizational philosophy of ensuring the situation was right for the child, the birth family, and the adoptive family were important to us. Adoption & Beyond supported us throughout the entire process and our lives were changed forever. What a wonderful organization!


We have really appreciated all of your support during our home study process. A very easy group to work with.


The education process during our home study seemed overwhelming at first.  Little did we know how often we would lean on it as we went thru the adoption process and beyond.  As we prepared for our Lilah to come home, we helped educate those that would be most involved in her world with the book In On It.  When she arrived home we leaned on things we learned in the class as to how to have grace and respect for our birth mom as we live different lives.  The education on skin and hair care based been referenced often and passed on to those in our world that help care for Lilah as she has African American heritage.  As conversations have been had about us and in front of us about our adoption journey, the education we received has helped us to guide the discussion to accurate facts about adoption and away from assumptions.  All of the education we received has helped inform us as well as educate others on the reality of adoption while taking away many misconceptions that people many times have when they’re not educated.  Without the education, we received we wouldn’t have been able to help others as well.  As Lilah grows, we plan to continue to rely back on the education we received while also reaching out to Adoption and beyond if we need support as they’re now a part of our family.

Emily and Kellen

Emily & Kellan

We appreciate you thinking of us and for all the support Adoption & Beyond has provided through the adoption process. Amazing people work for your organization. 

Eric and Lana

This agency is outstanding! Steffany, Shawna and their team are an amazing group of dedicated and caring professionals. We will forever be grateful for the work that they do.


The education we received from Adoption & Beyond really did help set our minds at ease with the whole process. The very helpful, well-thought-out home study kit did lay a clear, concise path we needed to follow to complete the process. Resources referred to, like books and online videos, were also great “go-to’s”. We have been encouraged to create a memory book to help share with our child their personal journey. What we found extremely informative was the online talk with a birth mother provided by Adoption & Beyond’s education course. Having a birth parent share her real, vulnerable perspective on the adoption process, inspired us with ways we can connect more as adoptive parents with our child’s birth parent. 

Nate and Greg

We worked with Adoption and Beyond for the home study process and received personalized and quality service during our adoption process. Each interaction with Julie, Steffany and Shawna was professional and they bent over backwards to accommodate our specific needs. They were patient with my MANY questions and helped us from the initial inquiry to the placement of our baby boy. I highly recommend this agency for all of your adoption needs


In 1999 our lives were forever changed. Our first adoption Blessed with a beautiful daughter. Again, in 2000 a second adoption Blessed with a handsome son. Adoption & Beyond lives up to its name…. Their services & level of commitment to their families goes Beyond what mere words can express. 22 years later we are experiencing grandparenthood ~ “It’s a Wonderful Life!” We highly recommend Adoption & Beyond. It’s not just a service it’s their devotion to helping connect forever families.

John and Brenda

For our adoption, the country we went through required them to get approved by them. This took 13 months of paperwork and constantly resending documents that had already been done before… They went above and beyond to help us!! Every request from the other country resulted in Adoption and Beyond preparing and sending it out in 24 HOURS!! Every single time! Also, the encouragement of them letting us know they are with us every step of the way. We will always be grateful for their help in our adoption process! Amazing agency! Thank you, Stephanie, Shawna and Julie!!


We went through Adoption and Beyond for all of our training and our homestudy prior to pursuing a private adoption. They helped us every step of the way and helped to make the process as smooth as possible. We can’t recommend them highly enough!


I want to thank you and Shawna for all you have done for us throughout this portion of our journey. I appreciate all you have done for us and helping us get through this crazy time! Thanks again! You all have been so wonderful to work with!


The staff at Adoption & Beyond made the process of adoption easier and approachable. The personal attention and assistance they give to each couple is outstanding. If we had to do the adoption process again, we would choose Adoption & Beyond.


After looking at several agencies both large and small we chose to work with Adoptions & Beyond. Their honest and informative approach gave my wife and I a wonderfully personal experience. This is opposed to a very commercial or fragmented experience with other agencies available today. We also appreciated the services and support they provide to birth families. Our lives were changed when we successfully adopted our child in 2015 fulfilling our lifelong dream of becoming parents. In fact, we are in the process of working with them again!


They were wonderful! Very efficient and organized. I used them for post-adoption visits.


We really enjoyed our workshop with your agency. It’s what we missed when trying to learn about adoption from the Kansas Department of Children and Families. Your adoption education is excellent…


We have worked with Adoption and Beyond twice now. They are extremely professional, knowledgeable, quick to respond, and make you feel like they are family. We honestly felt like they have had our best interests as well as the birth families’ best interests at mind. I love that they are a local agency that is well connected in the community. I can’t recommend them enough


Shawna and Julie have both been fantastic.  Shawna was incredibly accommodating in getting this last visit and report wrapped up efficiently so we can expedite getting our court date.  I’m grateful to have your team available to us as we continue on this journey.


I LOVED being a part of A & B. While I wish my time following my passion for adoption had been longer lived, I am SO grateful that I was able to follow my dream for even a few short years.  You are a very special person and the agency you have created is top notch.  You should feel very, very proud!  Let’s keep in touch via Facebook and otherwise.



Thank you so much! We are so excited and will reach out with any questions…as you all have been so very helpful through the process. 

Trevor and Amanda

Ok thank you! 

And AHH THANK YOU!! You all have been so wonderful to work with! 


You guys are amazing! We are so thankful for all of your help and how quickly you take care of stuff for us 🙂


A&B is amazing for both adopting and birth parents. Stephany was very helpful for me and my family.

Claudia (birth mother)

Wonderful experience. Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. A valuable resource to have.

I want to send you our most sincere thanks for all of your help in the home study process. There are so many moving parts and you’ve been there every step of the way! Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year!

Jake & Steffeny

Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. Adoption and Beyond has been nothing but awesome to work with these past years. You’ve made the paperwork portion of this journey super easy and we are extremely grateful for all the work you do.


I’ve worked with Steffany and her team at Adoption & Beyond for many years and they are always so kind and caring to their families and very knowledgeable and professional. The best in KC!


Also [our], dossier team at [our international agency], said Shawna did an exceptional job on the home study. So THANK YOU. Also appreciated the speed. Woo Hoo! Very pleasant experience working w you.


We had a great experience with Steffany and Shawna at A&B. They provided answers, processed feedback, and delivered us a top notch home study report ahead of schedule! A+ ladies! Thank you for making a difficult journey a little more pleasant. 5 STARS.


We definitely had an awesome, smooth experience thanks to you guys, and we’ve definitely been recommending you to friends who are considering adoption.

Kevin & Rachel

I worked with Adoption & Beyond since Stefany Aye first opened. Stefany and her team work with both birth families and adoptive families to make the process as stress free as possible. Stefany and her team go above and beyond to help create families.


We had a very positive experience working with Steffany Aye and the staff of Adoption & Beyond for our international adoption home study. Our family highly recommends this group of caring professionals.


Thank you so much we really enjoyed working with you all. What a positive experience reported by the OB nursing staff, and supervisors!

Thank you,


I really appreciated how responsive you were. You really communicated everything very well, thank you for making the process a breeze.

Jody (Hospital Social Worker)

Training for everyone involved in the adoption is superb!


Thanks Steffany! I have always appreciated your speed in answering questions and attention to detail! You have always been a pleasure to work with. Have a great day!

Melissa B.

I’m grateful to the agency for giving us such a positive experience. I know some women aren’t as lucky and if I am able to help even one, I’ll gladly do it.

Tina & Jon (birth parents)

I was actually thinking about Adoption and Beyond this week…  I recently got my LOA, and learned that a very high  percentage of families who needed one or more waivers are getting no letters instead of LOAs from China. I’m certain that the thoroughness and detail in my home study contributed significantly to my family getting past the higher level of scrutiny that’s now being applied.


Our experience with … really highlighted how much we appreciate your responsiveness to emails and phone calls and how kind your team was. … you and your team definitely were the bright spot in our journey the last two years.


We received notice that our application for adoption services has been approved. This is great news! Thank you for always responding so quickly. Your turnaround time is simply amazing.


I just want to say thank you for everything you’ve done and for all your help this past weekend. I appreciate it Ms. Steffany.

S.T. (birth mother)

Thank you…for the support you have given me during the adoption process.

Rebecca (birth mother)

Thanks for all that you and your staff continue to do for children and families. We are so happy to now be working with you guys for a THIRD time as we work on our third adoption.


Appreciate it! Adoption & Beyond & Karen Rosenberg (whom you referred us to ) were the only smooth things about this entire process…we are more thankful than we can express about that!


I want to tell you that we had our home study this past Friday and we attended the international workshop on Saturday. I am so impressed with wonderful ladies that work with you to help us through our adoption journey. It was such a pleasure to meet our social worker and welcome her into our home. And, then Saturday was relaxed and so informative. Margie was a joy to get to know.

Veronica H.

I just wanted to let you know (as I mentioned to Kylie) how much I appreciate how quickly each of you has responded to me! Most agencies are not like this, and it leaves me with a very positive feeling about yours! I will fill out paper work over the weekend. I look forward to working with you and fulfilling my dream…!


Thank you so very much! You guys have always worked so hard for us and we recommend you whenever we share about our adoption. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate, but know that you and Kylie are such a blessing!!


Good morning Kylie. It’s official. Court went without a hitch. I want to thank you again for everything. You have changed the lives of more people than you can imagine. Just in our case, we have several hundred people that are ecstatic. This would not be possible without you doing what you do.

Tim & Jonna

Steffany, I have to admit that I’m always SO impressed with your punctual replies. Thank you! Thank you!


It was exhausting and amazing! So impressed with A&B’s flexibility and speed.


You guys are the best! This is the first any agency has told us anything! Needless to say – we’re goin with you guys start to finish if and when we do it again… But all that matters is we have our son. Thank you Steffany – you’re an angel!

Sarah and Mark

We cannot thank you enough for everything that you have done! Working with Adoption & Beyond has been a true blessing and we tell everyone how thankful we are! The support, prompt responses, great staff, guidance throughout our process, and willingness to go the extra mile when we ran into a couple of speed bumps with Japan are just a few of the things that not only makes Adoption & Beyond the best to work with, but also means more to us than you could imagine.

Chareese, Michael, Rilyn, and Tristen

Mike and I just wanted to thank you for your time on Saturday. It was so nice to sit and talk with you and share how our past year has gone. You always give us a new prospective and keep us upbeat and positive as we continue our efforts to expand our precious family. We are so blessed right now and look forward to sharing our love with another child if we are so lucky. Thank you for listening and for always making it such a positive experience-you truly make an impact!


Thanks, Steffany. You guys have been great – very helpful in so many ways. I’d recommend you in a heartbeat.


You have been like an angel to me and I appreciate all the help and advice you have given me. I will NEVER!!! forget you and I hope nothing but the best for you and the agency. Again thank you for EVERYTHING you did for me while I was pregnant.

Maria (Birth mother)

Thank you so much for your help throughout our adoption process! We have recommended you to anyone we know in MO looking for an agency.

Allison, Matt & Charlotte

Marina and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to you and everyone at Adoption and Beyond for the assistance and help you and your staff provided us throughout our time with your agency until our incredible good fortune that resulted in the adoption of our daughter. We also wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the efforts of Kylie in helping us through the adoption process. We wish you and everyone at Adoption and Beyond all the best in the future. Best wishes and many thanks.

Lee & Marina

Thanks Steffany!! I always hear such good things about Adoption & Beyond, Inc. It’s great to hear about your success too. Have a great week!

Sheri H., Social Work Professional in Kansas City

Thank you, Steffany! You and everyone at Adoption & Beyond have always been so helpful, we are really glad we selected you to help us with our journey!


Thanks, Steffany.  We so appreciate how awesome you and your agency are!!  Wish we could have used you for the international portion as well! 🙂


Thanks again for all your help. We really appreciated having someone we could talk, who we trusted and who understands what we are going through. It’s been nothing but a positive experience working with your team.  We had great conversations with Michelle and Michelle helped us find a psychiatrist to fulfill our dossier requirements.  Both of us got a lot out of the one day seminar that was hosted at your office.  It was nice getting to talk with other families who were adopting.


Our adoption journey, towards our daughter Claudia, officially began in November 2006. Upon the decision to adopt an infant girl from Guatemala, we contacted Adoption & Beyond based on a recommendation from our international adoption agency. Steffany Aye, founder and director, was gracious to meet with us over the Thanksgiving weekend while we were in the Kansas City area so that she could get to know us and explain, in person, the home-study paperwork process. On November 14, 2007, we received a call that a baby girl named Claudia had been born on the 13th, and she would be placed with our family, pending our acceptance of her referral. Our acceptance came quickly and just two weeks later, we found ourselves holding Claudia in our arms for the first time, as well as, meeting with her birth mother. Months slowly turned into a year and eventually the year turned into five years, ten months and twenty-six days. During our wait for finalization, through an ever changing international process, new regulations, attorney changes, fingerprint updates and home-study renewals, Adoption & Beyond provided the support and encouragement that we needed to not only “survive”, but also “thrive” in our journey. On October 8, 2013, our long awaited adoption of our daughter Claudia was finally completed and she joined us in our home in Kansas on October 10, 2013. Thank you, Adoption & Beyond, for walking with us during these last six years. You were more to us than just a home-study agency. You became a voice of comfort in times of struggle; you acknowledged us as parents when the outside world did not see us with that same identity; you offered insight into connecting moments with our daughter during visit trips and twice monthly web chats; and most of all, you were steadfast with us, believing that our adoption story would resolve with a beautiful ending.
With appreciation for everything,

Joel, Lori and Claudia

Thanks again for the home visit last night! Mike and I really enjoy talking to you and you always lift our spirits and energize us to keep going on a pursuit to add another little angel to our family! Thank you for always being supportive and for your unbelievable positive attitude you always bring! Have a great week!


You all continue to be wonderful and professional to work with every time. Thank you for your desire for excellence in your profession. Have a great weekend.

Kristy and Family

And I should add how grateful we are that we chose your agency to do our study. So far everything has been done just perfectly and we’ve begun to realize how rare that is among agencies! Wow! Kudos! Thanks.


Incidentally, I do truly appreciate how well-organized you have this entire process. The first two adoptions we had to do a lot more comprehensive reading of the requirements and figure out a lot of what was acceptable on our own – sometimes a rather hit-and-miss proposition. Your notebook and the additional emails have made this an incredibly more streamlined and easy-to-follow process, so thank you for that!


Thank you so much. It has truly been a pleasure working with your organization! I look forward to talking with you again very soon to schedule post-placement visits :) Have a great week.”

Amanda and Vaughan

We wanted to let everyone know at Adoption and Beyond how enriched our lives have been by Bella and by the experience of adoption. It was a scary time for us as things happened so much faster than we would have ever thought possible but I wouldn’t change a thing. Thanks to everyone at Adoption & Beyond who helped us through. We have been blessed.

Darren & Brenda

I just wanted to let you know that Luke and I really enjoyed our home study visit with Tonya last night. She made us feel at ease and was very kind. I enjoyed hearing some of her adoption experiences and hearing those stories really helped answer some of the questions I had. We never felt rushed and she was very thorough. She also suggested some great books too that I plan to begin reading. It makes us even more excited to adopt and looking forward to what the future holds for us. :) Thank you!


Hi Steffany, I just completed your survey. I gave the highest marks on every question. You have been terrific (so supportive and responsive). Thank you.

Shawn and Lauren

I’m sooooo excited and relieved that our adoption has been finalized! I can breathe now!!! Whew—what a journey!! There was one moment that will forever stay in my mind. It was when I sat in on the Domestic Workshop that Rachel conducted. You were there—working in your office. I popped into your office during a break and said “Oh Steffany, I don’t think I can compete (not a great word) with all of these married folks…it’s just me—I’m single!! You simply said “Yes, you can…you will be fine!” Prior to that moment of speaking with you, I was mapping out my exit strategy of how to slip out of the door of the training. I was soooooo overwhelmed/intimidated by those married folks in the class. You spoke…and I thought—well, I will just sit here and see what happens….WOW!!! I have to tell you that I’m sincerely grateful to you and your team for all the great work on my family’s behalf! You were an AWESOME team member for our Family Expansion Project!! :) If ever I can speak on your behalf, let me know!!


This is certainly one of the best Home Studies I’ve read in a long time–thank you!Elisabeth, International Adoption Social Worker

Elisabeth, International Adoption Social Worker

Thanks so much- we really appreciate how you always respond so quickly- it’s very impressive!


Steffany, I received the emails about the consultation and the workshop, thanks so much for all of your help this weekend. I keep telling my husband how with our experiences with [another agency name] and then looking into other agencies, etc, that never once was anyone from the other agencies so helpful, let alone the director of the agency, especially on a weekend!!!! I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you being willing to work with us and explain the process to us. Thanks again, and again.


As an adoption attorney, I review many home studies. The one I received prepared by Adoption & Beyond was one of the most organized and well written that I have received. It contained all of the appropriate documentation and the staff was extremely helpful in providing additional assistance for an interstate adoption.


Many thanks to you and all at Adoption & Beyond for your diligence and work for our ever-growing family. It is a joy to work with such an ethical, supportive agency. Many thanks!

Myron & Valerie & Family

Wow!!! You are something else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all your time and patience with us…..especially me!!!!!!!!!!! We appreciate it so much. It is looking like our study will go to Korea possibly the end of next week or the week after…….we are so excited and can’t thank you and your staff enough for all the hard work they had put into this!!!!! Thanks again!!!!!!!


…The attorney we used to file our case specifically commented on how thorough and well done our Home Study was. Thanks!

Dennis and Mendy

Just wanted to say thank you for being so great and wonderful through the adoption. You have done so much for me and been so amazing and supportive during a happy and bittersweet occasion. You went above and beyond for me, getting my prescriptions, taking me home from the Hospital. You have always been there for me and truly made a difference. The adoption was not easy for me, was by far the most difficult decision I have ever faced, but I am at peace by knowing she is in great and loving hands. I will always be grateful and thankful to you and everyone who was involved with the adoption.

Birth mother

One thing we really appreciated from A&B was all the preparation you required, especially on attachment issues. We never had that from our first adoption, had we it would have been so much easier for us and our son. We are very proud of the fact that A&B did our home study and helped prepare us for our daughter. Out of all our adoptions we felt A&B did the best job at preparing us!

Cathy & Bob

Brent and I have been completely amazed at the promptness to emails and ‘turn-around-time’ of informationbeing processed for our adoption (with deadlines met, etc.) I can only imagine howmany couples/families you work with each year. It has only been God’s work in the details in how we became connected with A&B. Thank you for your professionalism and attention to detail. The HS process was a lot of work, but it was a positive experience and now a bigger step closer in meeting our son.

Stephanie & Brent

Wow! you’re fast! Thanks. You are a great agency to work with. God bless.


Thanks for everything that you, Steffany, and the rest of the staff at Adoption & Beyond have done for us. I know that adoption is what you do and you’ve been a part of this wonderful experience many times, but I cannot describe to you what this means to Darren and I, our family and our friends. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Brenda & Darren

Thanks Rachel for renewing our home study! We really are thankful to be working with you all at Adoption and Beyond. We have really ran into some difficulty with adoption, but you all have been really wonderful! Thanks, it has kept us feeling like we could keep going knowing we had you all behind us.


Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed meeting Debbi! She did a great job asking us the needed questions and was very kind and understanding of our noisy children! So glad we got to meet her! Thanks! 🙂


Thank you so much for all your help. By the way, when I was at the Embassy the American working there looking at our paperwork said your home study was the most quickly approved and best she had ever seen and I know it is due to all your agency’s quality of workmanship. We have so enjoyed working with you and are looking forward to doing our post-placement work with you!

Brian & Jenny

Thank you for all of your help throughout this journey. We appreciate all you do for us and other families!

Justin & Jennifer

You made us feel at ease, and that is a gift. You are good at what you and we are thankful for such an understanding social worker!


We have had a wonderful experience with your agency. Rachel is a great social worker and has been a pleasure to work with. Also, the agency’s organization and timeliness has been top-notch. We are very thankful for you, Rachel and Caroline for helping us bring our little girl home. She has blessed our family immensely.

Chris and Debbie

I just learned that that our international agency coordinator called you last week to request an additional document related to Adoption & Beyond’s license. I am so thankful that you knew what she needed and were able to get it to her so quickly. At that time Scott and I were in Chicago. It is so nice to be able to count on you all to help even when I am unaware that you are! Every adoption is truly a “story” isn’t it? I am sure you have seen it all.

Lynn & Scott

Thank you again for all you help. You all do such a complete and detailed job and at the same time are so supportive/personal.Thanks again.


I wanna say thank you so much for everything you have helped me through, talking to you has made everything easier.


I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the organization of Adoption and Beyond! We have been pleasantly surprised by how easy everything has been so far. We also can’t believe how quickly we get responses from everyone in your office. Thank you so much for all you do!


THANK YOU! Thanks for all your hard work in getting our home study done. We really appreciate you. Now, we will be waiting to send you a picture for your wall. :) Have a great weekend.


Both Loren and I wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with us. The meeting was exactly what we needed to start us off on our adoption journey, and we look forward to taking the first steps (filling out our application) in the next couple of weeks. With great appreciation.


Angela and Loren

We just wanted to say thank you for meeting with us on Friday. The notebook you provided has a wealth of information!

M & M

It was so wonderful to meet with you yesterday! You obviously have a wonderful agency! We were very impressed with everything and you should be getting an application from us shortly. Thank you again and we look forward to working with you!

Jill and Matt

Little Miracles International has said wonderful things about you and Steffany. They are completely impressed with Adoption & Beyond’s professionalism and reports. I thought you gals would like to hear this!


It is so important to research the agency you are going to use, research your attorney and trust your gut instinct. It is too easy to get swept up in all the emotions that go along with wanting to be a parent. We are blessed to be part of the Adoption and Beyond family. We changed adoption agencies for our second adoption (both international) so that we could continue working with Steffany… We just knew that she had our best interest at heart (along with the best interest of our children). Plus, we wanted Steffany to [be a] part of our journey. Steffany is an important part of our adoption story and we highly recommend Adoption and Beyond to anyone
who is interested in adoption.


Thank you Olivia for all your help during this process.  You guys have been great to work with!




Thank you for the visit last night. It was exactly what we needed for where we are in the process.


Thanks, Really appreciate your support and advice through all of this.


Can’t thank you enough.


I was impressed with the rest of the home study, especially the way they noted the child abuse clearances – so easy to read.

An Immigration Worker

Just wanted to thank you again for the Workshop… My husband and I learned a great deal about international adoption and really appreciated all your efforts to make the class not only informative but fun, too.

Tiffany and Jon

Thanks again for your support. You have NO idea how much I truly appreciate it.


Dear Stephanie- Another one of your spot-on perfect home studies. Looks great. Don’t change a comma. Look forward to another year of your great studies and families. Sincerely.


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