To begin at the end, we have now been proud parents of our adopted son for nine months. We are so thankful we met Steffany Aye from Adoption & Beyond for helping to make this dream come true. Steffany, who is exceptionally well-connected and has an excellent reputation nationally, had reached out to our adoption consultant because she was working with a birth mother who wanted to place her baby with a family from our state. We flew down to meet the birth mom about a month before the child was born and Steffany did a superb preparing for and facilitating that encounter. Steffany’s expertise, attention to detail, and kind understanding made our adoption journey comfortable and smooth. It’s clear that she understands how foreign this process can be for some and was always available to provide answers, information, and assistance. Our adoption took place during the beginning of the Covid outbreak so there were added complications and planning issues but Ms. Aye was persistent in communicating with the hospital and managing the changing policies brought about by a local rise in cases. It was because of her that we were able to be in the hospital for the birth and it was because of her that our son was able to spend his first moments with us. We were also impressed with the importance Steffany placed on tending to the birth mother’s needs before, during, and after the birth. It was important to us that the focus be on her during what was an unplanned and potentially trying time in her life. Steffany obviously knows what she is doing and continuously stayed in contact with the birth mom to guarantee she had everything she needed. Overall, we could not have asked for more from Steffany and Adoption & Beyond and would unreservedly recommend them to anyone.

Angela and George

Thank you for all your continued support for us on our adoption journey. You guidance, patience answering all our emails and questions has helped us more than you can know.

We appreciate all you do! 

Brantt and Melissa

As always, your Home Study reports are well written and informative!  Thanks.

Katie (International Agency)

We adopted a child through Adoption & Beyond in 2014. We were drawn to Adoption & Beyond after talking with the Executive Director. Her expertise and professionalism combined with the the organizational philosophy of ensuring the situation was right for the child, the birth family, and the adoptive family were important to us. Adoption & Beyond supported us throughout the entire process and our lives were changed forever. What a wonderful organization!


This agency is outstanding! Steffany, Shawna and their team are an amazing group of dedicated and caring professionals. We will forever be grateful for the work that they do.


We worked with Adoption and Beyond for the home study process and received personalized and quality service during our adoption process. Each interaction with Julie, Steffany and Shawna was professional and they bent over backwards to accommodate our specific needs. They were patient with my MANY questions and helped us from the initial inquiry to the placement of our baby boy. I highly recommend this agency for all of your adoption needs


For our adoption, the country we went through required them to get approved by them. This took 13 months of paperwork and constantly resending documents that had already been done before… They went above and beyond to help us!! Every request from the other country resulted in Adoption and Beyond preparing and sending it out in 24 HOURS!! Every single time! Also, the encouragement of them letting us know they are with us every step of the way. We will always be grateful for their help in our adoption process! Amazing agency! Thank you, Stephanie, Shawna and Julie!!


We went through Adoption and Beyond for all of our training and our homestudy prior to pursuing a private adoption. They helped us every step of the way and helped to make the process as smooth as possible. We can’t recommend them highly enough!


I want to thank you and Shawna for all you have done for us throughout this portion of our journey. I appreciate all you have done for us and helping us get through this crazy time! Thanks again! You all have been so wonderful to work with!


The staff at Adoption & Beyond made the process of adoption easier and approachable. The personal attention and assistance they give to each couple is outstanding. If we had to do the adoption process again, we would choose Adoption & Beyond.


After looking at several agencies both large and small we chose to work with Adoptions & Beyond. Their honest and informative approach gave my wife and I a wonderfully personal experience. This is opposed to a very commercial or fragmented experience with other agencies avai