Eligibility for Services

  • Families residing in any state* can apply for Adoption & Beyond services (*New York families are limited in services available).
  • The prospective adoptive parents must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age to apply for services with Adoption & Beyond, there should be no more than sixty (60) years of age between the adopted child and the oldest adoptive parent. 
  • Singles and married couples are welcome to apply for services with Adoption & Beyond. If married, a family must be married for a minimum of one (1) year at the time of application. Please note if married for less than a year, a family is welcome to apply if they lived together for at least a year before marriage. 


  • Convictions for violent crimes against persons (e.g. assault, battery, abuse, sexual offense, etc.); a current warrant; currently on probation; substantiated crimes or abuse against children; or parental rights have been terminated, are unacceptable when considering the safety of a child and preclude such individuals from consideration and participation in Adoption & Beyond’s adoption services.

  • Convictions for non-violent crimes (e.g. fraud, theft, illegal drug activity, DUI, etc.), are cause for concern when considering the stability of the potential home but may not automatically exclude Adoption & Beyond from working with such individuals. Said individuals shall be subjected to a more thorough evaluation. Factors such as the number of convictions, date of last conviction, and seriousness of the crime will be considered. Please discuss any criminal situations, and arrests with us before applying for Adoption & Beyond services. 


  • The agency understands prospective adoptive parent(s) may be apprehensive to disclose arrests, convictions, unsubstantiated child abuse/neglect, or significant medical conditions. However, such incidents are discovered: criminal records (including expunged records) through required state and FBI checks; incidents of child abuse/neglect through child abuse background checks; and significant medical conditions through required medical reports. The agency takes non-disclosure of any past or current incidents/conditions very seriously. If not disclosed to the agency by the prospective adoptive parent(s) on the initial application, it can result in possible denial of the application or recession of the adoptive home study approval. In addition, disclosure allows Adoption & Beyond to inform prospective clients about additional documentation they may be required to provide to the courts, other adoption professionals, or (in case of international adoption) to the primary provider, country of adoption, and immigration. Thus saving valuable time for the family.

Professional Referrals

  • Adoption & Beyond may refer a prospective adoptive parent to an appropriate licensed professional, such as a physician, psychiatrist, clinical social worker, or professional substance abuse counselor for an evaluation and written report if Adoption & Beyond determines there are areas beyond our expertise that need to be addressed before providing home study approval. Please see the agency’s Referral Disclaimer.

Child Discipline

  • Adoption & Beyond’s policy is that adoptive parents and any other household members will use age-appropriate discipline techniques that will not adversely affect a child’s health, or physical or psychological well-being as they grow. During the temporary custody period before the finalization of the adoption, corporal punishment shall not be used. In addition, the following methods of discipline shall not be used as the child grows: Restricting movement by tying or binding, confining a child in a closet, box or locked area, withholding food, rest or bathroom use, mental or emotional abuse, including verbal abuse, and derogatory remarks about a child and/or their birth family. 

Parties Rights

  • The prospective adoptive parents can, at any time, choose to withdraw from the adoption process. Adoption & Beyond also reserves the right to terminate services at any time when a prospective adoptive parent has acted in bad faith, conducted themselves in an unreasonable or verbally abusive manner, exhibited unreasonable expectations related to their adoption efforts, has supplied false, misleading, or omitted information, or the working relationship between the two parties cannot continue due to unresolved issues. Adoption & Beyond, in its professional judgment, will consider all circumstances in determining the suitability of interrupting or terminating the adoption process and retains the right to terminate services at any time.

Adoption & Beyond’s Agency Adoption Program

  • If entering into Adoption & Beyond’s Domestic Adoption Program, prospective adoptive parents must be open to adopting a child of either gender and be willing to have an open adoption with the child’s birth family before and after placement.

Unique Family Situations

  • Please consult Adoption & Beyond regarding unique family situations concerning these general policies and guidelines.

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