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All About Adoption 101

This course will help you navigate the adoption process with calm and confidence. You will learn everything you didn’t know you needed to know to adopt!


Thank you for all your continued support for us on our adoption journey. You guidance, patience answering all our emails and questions has helped us more than you can know.

We appreciate all you do!

Brantt and Melissa

We adopted a child through Adoption & Beyond in 2014. We were drawn to Adoption & Beyond after talking with the Executive Director. Her expertise and professionalism combined with the the organizational philosophy of ensuring the situation was right for the child, the birth family, and the adoptive family were important to us. Adoption & Beyond supported us throughout the entire process and our lives were changed forever. What a wonderful organization!


We appreciate you thinking of us and for all the support Adoption & Beyond has provided through the adoption process. Amazing people work for your organization.

Eric and Lana

This agency is outstanding! Steffany, Shawna and their team are an amazing group of dedicated and caring professionals. We will forever be grateful for the work that they do.


In 1999 our lives were forever changed. Our first adoption blessed us with a beautiful daughter. Again, in 2000 a second adoption blessed us with a handsome son. Adoption & Beyond lives up to its name…. Their services & level of commitment to their families goes Beyond what mere words can express. 22 years later we are experiencing grandparenthood ~ “It’s a Wonderful Life!” We highly recommend Adoption & Beyond. It’s not just a service it’s their devotion to helping connect forever families.

John and Brenda

For our adoption, the country we went through required them to get approved by them. This took 13 months of paperwork and constantly resending documents that had already been done before… They went above and beyond to help us!! Every request from the other country resulted in Adoption and Beyond preparing and sending it out in 24 HOURS!! Every single time! Also, the encouragement of them letting us know they are with us every step of the way. We will always be grateful for their help in our adoption process! Amazing agency! Thank you, Stephanie, Shawna and Julie!!


You deserve a clear process and a compassionate guide.

Watch a short video to get a glimpse at how our online course supports adoptive parents through an important journey.

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Here’s a little about us:

I’m Steffany, and I founded Adoption & Beyond, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, in 1998. I, along with each member of our staff, have been both personally and professionally impacted by adoption, and many of us have been through the home study process ourselves.

As a non-profit, Hague Accredited child-placing agency, we work diligently to uphold ethical values and transparency in everything we do, while always keeping the child’s best interests at heart. We created the All About Adoption 101 course to help families overcome the overwhelm and get their journeys started on the right foot.

Here’s what participants are saying about the course:

We went through Adoption and Beyond for all of our training and our homestudy prior to pursuing a private adoption. They helped us every step of the way and helped to make the process as smooth as possible. We can’t recommend them highly enough!


We really enjoyed our workshop with your agency. It’s what we missed when trying to learn about adoption from the Kansas Department of Children and Families. Your adoption education is excellent…


Wonderful experience. Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. A valuable resource to have.


Complete eight critical modules at your own pace.


We know that the process can seem daunting at first. Being informed about the adoption process can go a long way in guiding you in the right direction. Whether you are someone who wants to soak up as much information as possible or someone that wants to speed things up, adoption education will make the process more manageable. It will also help create a healthy environment for your family and your future child. In order to help you navigate these early days in the process, we’ve created an on-demand, online course that organizes everything you need to know about adoption into eight detail-oriented modules. Having everything in one place can provide comfort and clarity for all of those unknowns.

This comprehensive course will lead you through the entire adoption process from start to finish, and upon completion, will leave you feeling prepared to navigate the challenges and joys of adoption. Along with a step-by-step overview, the course also includes keys to success, advice on navigating post-adoption, and a robust FAQ section. This essential course will be your complete guide to adoption as you start on this rewarding journey.


Module 1:


In this module we’ll help you answer the questions, “What are all the pieces of adoption?” and “Where do I even start?”

Module Length:

10 minutes


Module 2:

The Domestic Adoption Process

In this detailed module, we’ll cover the ins and outs of the domestic adoption process so you know just what to expect around every corner.

Module Length:

29 minutes


Module 3:

Attachment and Bonding

When adopting a newborn, some wonder how important traditional adoption attachment and bonding approaches are in the early stages. We’ll help you decide what’s right for your family.

Module Length:

21 minutes


Module 4:

Understanding Expecting Parents

Birth parents are making a brave and monumental decision to place their child for adoption. This module will help you see the experience from their eyes, so you can support your child in understanding his or her adoption circumstances down the road.

Module Length:

17 minutes


Module 5:

Post Placement & Finalization

We know you’re eager for “happily ever after!” and we’re getting close. This module will help you wrap up loose ends with confidence as you prepare for a fulfilling future.

Module Length:

9 minutes


Module 6:

Open Adoptions

This module covers the option to proceed with an open adoption. We’ll cover what it is and how it could impact your child and your family in the long run.

Module Length:

15 minutes


Module 7:

Frequently Asked Questions

Adoption comes with what feels like zillions of questions. Don’t worry — we’ve heard them all. In this module, we address those we hear most frequently.

Module Length:

6 minutes


Module 8:


It’s one thing to check all the boxes off your adoption task list, but you want the process to go as smoothly as possible, too. In this module, we’ll give you some parting advice with that goal in mind.

Module Length:

6 minutes

You might still be wondering…

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How long does it take to complete the course?

From start to finish, you can complete the course in just two hours.

Is this course for families looking to adopt an infant in the United States?

Yes, this course is designed for families looking to adopt an infant domestically from an agency or private adoption, regardless of your state of residency.

Will I get a training certificate?

You will! For many adoption agencies (certainly ours!), this will knock some of your education requirements out of the way.

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