Home Study Services by Adoption & Beyond

Adoption & Beyond is available to perform domestic, international, private, and embryo adoptive home study assessments in Kansas and Missouri.

An approved home study is required in order to adopt a child. A home study is a comprehensive evaluation of your family life and home environment. Contact Adoption & Beyond here to learn more about Home Study Services.

At the first meeting, an adoption professional will meet informally with you to get to know you and to go over the information necessary for the home study process. The paperwork involves sharing your personal background, financial stability, and other relevant information required by your state of residence. Upon completion of the home study paperwork, a home visit and attending an adoption educational workshop, the home study report is written and prepared for submission to the appropriate authorities.

Home Study Q&As

1. What is a home study?
Once prospective adoptive parents apply to adopt a child (whether they apply to an agency, an attorney or directly to the court in an independent adoption), the laws of all 50 states require that the applicants undergo a “home study.” Ideally, the home study helps to build a partnership between the home study social worker and the applicant(s).
2. What is discussed in a home study?

Some of the topics discussed are motivation for adoption, expectations regarding adoption. Your home study social worker will also explore your values related to parenting, marriage, finances, spiritual beliefs, and child-care plans. In addition to the issues discussed, state criminal record checks, child abuse registry checks and references will be obtained.

3. General information about the home study process
There are a total of at least 3 visits needed for your home study process.

The home study itself is a written report of the findings of the home study social worker who has met with the applicants on several occasions, both individually and together. At least one meeting will occur in the applicant’s home as this is what makes it a “home study.” If there are other people living in the home, they also will be interviewed by the home study social worker.

The average home study process takes 1 to 2 months to complete, but it can take longer depending upon the size and dynamics of your family. In general, the following information is included in a home study:

  • Motivation to adopt
  • Feelings about infertility (if this is applicable)
  • Personal and family background including upbringing, siblings, key events and what was learned from them
  • Marriage and family relationships
  • Family environment
  • Parenting philosophy, including discipline
  • Child care plans, if needed
  • Summary and social worker’s recommendation

The following items are typical information or activities that will be required of families who want to adopt:

  • Autobiographical statements
  • Health statements
  • Income statements
  • Child abuse and criminal clearances
  • References
  • Interviews
  • Home visit


The attorney we used to file our case specifically commented on how thorough and well done our Home Study was. Thanks!

 – Dennis and Mendy

I was actually thinking about Adoption and Beyond this week… I recently got my LOA, and learned that a very high percentage of families who needed one or more waivers are getting no letters instead of LOAs from China. I’m certain that the thoroughness and detail in my home study contributed significantly to my family getting past the higher level of scrutiny that’s now being applied.

– Antigone

I want to tell you that we had our home study this past Friday and we attended the international workshop on Saturday. I am so impressed with the wonderful ladies that work with you to help us through our adoption journey. It was such a pleasure to meet our social worker and welcome her into our home. And, then Saturday was relaxed and so informative. Margie was a joy to get to know

– Veronica H.

I want to send you our most sincere thanks for all of your help in the home study process. There are so many moving parts and you’ve been there every step of the way! Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year!

– Jake & Steffeny

Thank you so much for all your help. By the way, when I was at the Embassy the American working there looking at our paperwork said your home study was the most quickly approved and best she had ever seen and I know it is due to all your agency’s quality of workmanship. We have so enjoyed working with you and are looking forward to doing our post-placement work with you!

– Brian and Jenny

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