5 DIY Projects to Get Your Kids Outside


boy playing outsideWe like to peruse Pinterest every week to see what kinds of cool DIY projects parenting Pinners have been doing recently. With summer nearly upon us, we’re starting to come across a lot of projects for the backyard. And since we’ve been focusing on spending more time outside in our recent posts, we’d like to continue the trend to get you and your family properly prepped for the warmer days ahead of us.

Here are five of our favorite DIY projects that we’ve come across recently that will get your kids outside:

1. Make a sandbox with a tire. We love the design of this simple, low-cost sandbox project. It’s great for the little ones!

2. Make a fairy gardenThis project will get the kids interested in gardening, as well as stir their outdoors imagination after a winter of staying inside!

3. Make a giant outdoor water bed. This looks like so much fun. It’s a cool sensory project, and it’ll be great to get them outside during those warm summer mornings.

4. Make a giant splash pad. We have pretty hot summer days here in Kansas City, so this project is a great, cheap way to keep everyone cool during the big scorchers.

5. Make a kickball/croquet court on the lawn. For the not-so-scorching days, getting the kids active without taking a trip to the park is easy with this kick-croquet lawn game made with pool noodles!

These ideas and more can be found on our Pinterest page, so you’ll be sure to have a blast this summer. We’re clearly looking forward to the fun days and long summer nights. So however you choose to spend your summer, we hope you have a great time! And for any of your adoption-related needs, please contact us today!

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