5 Ways to Get Your Family Moving

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Thanks to the arrival of spring, the weather here in Kansas City keeps getting better and better with each passing week. And while it’s easy to stick with winter habits of staying indoors and watching TV, how could you deny fresh air and sunshine? It’s time to get moving, now that our days are longer and the nights stay warmer. Here are five ways you can get your family active in the coming months.

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1. Take a walk, and maybe bump it up to a jog or run. We’ve recommended several parks and walking areas in the past. Swope Park is another one that we’re looking forward to taking advantage of this spring. With over 1,800 acres, it’s a great place to spend the day as a family, and it’s chock-full of hiking and biking trails.

2. Go on a family bike ride. No bikes? No problem. Bike Sharing is the solution. Thanks to the geniuses at B-cycle, bike rentals are available throughout Downtown Kansas City, including the Downtown Loop, River Market, Crossroads Arts District, and Crown Center.

3. Spend a day at a trampoline park. Have you been to one of these? They’re extremely fun. While you’re bouncing around all day, you forget you’re exercising. Sky Zone is great, but expect it to be at-capacity whether or not the school is in session, so make reservations ahead of time.

4. Try out family yoga. This is a fairly new trend around the country. Yoga, with its added health benefits, improves flexibility, posture, and strength. Family yoga classes are offered at variety of fitness centers, including the YMCA and Bell Yoga Studio.

5. When school is over, go with the old-age tradition of summer camp. Sure, it’s an old stand-by, but it’s labeled so for a good reason. Summer camps, especially ones that are sports or activity-oriented, are better than any babysitter for your kids. The Kansas City Star has come up with a very handy list of summer camps available in 10 Kansas and 14 Missouri counties!

It’s going to be a great spring and summer, filled with gorgeous days and beautiful evenings. And for any of your adoption-related needs, please contact us today!

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