The Four Main Pieces of Adoption (and Each One’s Role!)

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The adoption process is filled with many moving parts. The most important parts, however, are the people involved along the way: The adopted child/person, the adoptive parents, the birth parents, and the agency/attorney. Here we look at the four main pieces of a child-centered adoption and how each person’s role is an important part of the process to create a family.


1. The Adopted Child/Person

All adoptive children deserve stability, guidance, and love of a permanent family. Adoption in Missouri or Kansas offers different avenues to adopt a child:

  • Domestic adoption: The adoptive parents, birth parents, and children are within the United States.
  • International adoption: The adoptive parents work with an international adoption agency that specializes in placing children from another country into a family.
  • Private adoption: The hopeful adoptive parents connect with an expecting birth family through personal search efforts such as an adoption attorney, personal friends or family members.
  • Embryo adoption: The adoptive parents adopt frozen embryos with the desire to get pregnant with the adopted embryos..

Each option offers its benefits and is based on the expectations of the parents and what they are able to offer the child. Regardless of the route chosen, the adopted child or person’s health and well-being is and always should be at the center of every adoption.


2. The Adoptive Parents

The adoptive parents are the people seeking a child to bring into their family. Adoption in Kansas and Missouri does not require an adoptive parent to be married. In most cases, you need to be between the ages of 25 and 57, but sometimes circumstances allow for adoption outside of this age range.

A violent criminal record can interfere with your chances of meeting state adoption requirements. In general, adoptive parents must be fully committed to adoption, and be in good physical and mental health with a stable home and income. A background and home check are part of the adoptive home study process. The home study has a training and assessment process in order to assure you are ready to adopt. As well, depending on what type of adoption you choose, you will have to demonstrate your willingness to have an open adoption with the child’s birth family following placement.

The adoptive parents should first meet with an adoption agency to talk about the various adoption avenues and decide which adoption avenue is right for their family. Next steps would be to apply for services, complete a successful home study process, and wait to be matched. Once a child is placed, the adoptive parents should be ready and able to provide their adopted child with a loving and nurturing environment, to the best of their ability.


3. The Birth Parents

 The expecting birth parents are the biological parents of the child who may feel they are unable to raise or aren’t ready to parent the child. It takes courage and commitment to choose to place a baby for adoption, but it may be the best way for those in difficult situations to ensure their child is loved and has the best possible future.

The expecting parents should do what they can to seek guidance in making a realistic plan for the future of their child and themselves. This includes having an initial conversation with an adoption agency, creating an adoption plan, choosing a hopeful adoptive family to raise their child, along with creating a hospital plan.


4. The Agency/Attorney

 A big piece of the adoption puzzle is the adoption agencies and attorneys who help navigate the entire adoption process and beyond. Working with licensed adoption professionals safeguards the parties from issues that could interfere with the finalization of the adoption, while also ensuring all parties understand their roles and rights. Both adoptive and birth parents must understand their rights and the process involved to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child.


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