What is an Adoption Hospital Plan?

  • The hospital plan is prepared by the birth parent and often with a social worker or attorney
  • A hospital plan is a document that provides an outline of what to expect during the hospital stay for parties involved in an adoption process including but not limited to: attorneys, hospital staff, social workers, and the prospective adoptive family
  • The hospital plan outlines the birth parent/s anticipated expectations of the interaction between the prospective adoptive family and birth parent/s at the hospital, who will be involved and at what capacity during labor and delivery, time spent alone or shared with the baby after birth by the birth parent/s and the prospective adoptive family, what documents or mementos the birth parent/s want to take home, preferences regarding special circumstances like a C-section, initial vaccinations, or circumcision, etc., and what hospital discharge may look like
  • A birth parent has the right to make changes to a birth plan at any stage during or after labor and delivery
  • A hospital plan serves as a guide but is not expected to be enforceable
  • The hospital plan is a beneficial tool that provides a birth parent the autonomy to decide how they prefer the hospital experience to transpire before arriving at the hospital allowing them to process what they may or may not want
  • A hospital plan helps to reduce the uncomfortable situation of expecting the birth parent/s to make a decision regarding the hospital stay on the spot or in front of the hospital staff/prospective adoptive family
  • The adoptive family knows what to expect before arriving at the hospital
  • A hospital plan is not a legal document


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