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To some, adoption may sound fairly straightforward, but it includes several avenues for prospective adoptive parents to discover. Adoption & Beyond works with many types of adoptions to provide the best fit for each family we meet. As a non-profit agency, we are incredibly passionate about what we do. It’s our goal to find loving nurturing homes for every child in need.

As you begin your adoption journey, you’ll hear more about the different unique avenues of adoption. These include domestic, international, private, and embryo adoptions. Working closely with your adoption coordinator you’ll discover the adoption avenue that is best for your family. 

One of the ways we help is by providing each family with as much information about the various different types of adoption as possible. Here, we’ve compiled some important facts regarding the different avenues of adoption.

Domestic Adoption Services 

In a domestic adoption the adoptive parents, birth parents, and children are within the United States. During a domestic adoption, our experienced adoption team can help in many ways, such as:

  • Child placement services
  • Education
  • Support and Guidance

We help all parties involved in the adoption process, as each member within this journey is important, but our main priority is always the best interest of the children we serve.

International Adoption Services

If you are adopting a child from outside the United States, you will need to work with an international adoption agency that specializes in this type of adoption. Adoption & Beyond works closely with many international agencies with programs in various different countries. We partner with your selected international agency to serve as your local liaison for your adoption process.

During an international adoption process, our team helps you with your pre-adoption services, such as international education training and adoptive home study. As well as post-adoption services as you get to know your newest family member.

Private Adoption Services

A private adoption involves the connection of a birth family and adoptive family through personal search efforts. You may find this connection through an adoption attorney, or through a personal friend or family member. Whatever the case, Adoption & Beyond can still help with the adoptive home study, along with guidance and education.

During private adoptions, we offer help to everyone involved. Prospective birth parents and adoptive parents may require assistance in understanding the various aspects of the adoption process, (before and after placement). We’re here to answer questions and offer a shoulder to lean on as you complete the adoption process privately.

Embryo Adoption Services

Some families choose not to adopt a child currently in the world, but the embryos to create a new baby. During in-vitro fertilization treatments, some families are left with additional embryos they no longer wish to use for their own family building. Rather than disposing of these embryos, some families choose to place them for adoption in the hopes that these embryos will help another family fulfill their dream of having children to love and raise as their own.

This is an amazing opportunity for everyone involved and Adoption & Beyond can help by partnering with your embryo placement agency to act as a liaison to complete your adoptive home study process.

If you’re interested in learning more about the different avenues of adoption, call Adoption & Beyond at 913-381-6919 or visit us online at

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