Relaxation Tips for People Going Through the Adoption Process – Part 2

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The adoption process is stressful. While we all wish it was easier and full of less paperwork, the fact is that the road can be long and there will be some stressful road bumps along the way. The good news is that what awaits you at the end of the road is wonderful! But it’s important to have a plan for those big speed bumps.

Whether you are just starting your adoption journey or if you’re a seasoned professional, the tips below are sure to help keep stress levels lower and make the process as a whole much better for you and your family.

In this blog we have options focused on more long-term solutions to stress, but if you need a quick fix then check out part one.

Long-term Options

Find a Support Group

A common thing among parents going through the adoption process is the feeling that they are alone. This is certainly not the case and finding a local or online group is a great way to talk with others experiencing the same thing as you. Having a supportive community is important so reach out and don’t be afraid to share. You’re sure to find many people experiencing the same worries and stress as you.

Look for a Therapist

If it is in your budget, consider finding a therapist that is skilled in working with adoptive parents. Adoption & Beyond can suggest people to speak to and if you’re in another part of the country, your local adoption agency will surely have local contacts for you. Even if you only attend a few sessions, the benefits of speaking to someone will provide real, tangible results in managing stress levels.

Be Open with your Family

Often, support is right there in front of us but we may not know it. If your family is supportive of your adoption choice, then be sure to tell them when you and your family need support. Even if it’s just asking for dinner one night a week, such a small thing can give you a moment to breathe and relax.

Sometimes it helps to let your family know that stress is high and tell them to invite you to fun excursions, such as a picnic in a park or a family date night. Just be sure to reach out and let your family know that you need help – such a simple thing is a good way to not let the stress build up and take over.

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