Relaxation Tips for People Going Through the Adoption Process – Part 1

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The adoption process is stressful. While we all wish it was easier and full of less paperwork, the fact is that the road can be long and there will be some stressful road bumps along the way. The good news is that what awaits you at the end of the road is wonderful! But it’s important to have a plan for those big speed bumps.

Whether you are just starting your adoption journey or if you’re a seasoned professional, the tips below are sure to help keep stress levels lower and make the process as a whole much better for you and your family.

In this blog we have options focused on short solutions to give you quick relief, but if your stress levels need more support, then see part 2 that focuses on long-term solutions and options.

Simple and Quick


If you only have a few minutes to escape the stress of the process, work, and your day-to-day consider a meditation app such as Headspace. With a general focus on calming the brain and focusing on pressing issues, this app offers a quick way to check in with yourself. Even if you can only spare 3 minutes, you’ll likely find that this app will help you center and feel more in control. There are several free options, so no commitment needed.

Also look for local groups offering meditation practice. Many are suggested donation only, or entirely free, and usually less than an hour. Taking a brief break in the afternoon or evening to focus on breathing and quieting your mind can make all the difference.

Home Options

If getting out of the house is a bit difficult, then focus on creating a quiet space in your home to read. Setting aside just 15 or 20 minutes for yourself can make a huge difference. Make sure to pick a book you really enjoy or feels like a treat, turn of the TV, and enjoy some time just for you.

Don’t forget exercise! It’s one of the best and most effective ways to lower stress levels and it doesn’t have to be intense to work. A short home workout or walk outside is guaranteed to make you feel better quick.

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