How to Prepare Emotionally for Adopting a Child

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Adoption is a big decision. Preparing for the arrival of a new child can be an emotional rollercoaster. It requires planning, research, and plenty of support. Before your newest family member makes an appearance, it’s paramount that you take some time to yourself to really wrap your head around all the changes that are about to happen in your life and what they mean for the future.

At Adoption & Beyond, we serve families at every end of the adoption spectrum. Working with birth parents, adoptive parents, and children, we understand what a big undertaking it is to create a family. As a non-profit serving Kansas and Missouri, we believe one of the biggest impacts we have on families is the education we provide. To help you prepare yourself for the adoption of a child, we’ve compiled a few helpful tips.

Create Your Support Network

Adopting a child is extremely rewarding, but parenthood can get overwhelming and having a team in place to support you will help. Creating a support network isn’t just a case of assembling your favorite friends and family to have your back when things get tough. Your support network can also include professionals and adoption support groups.

When you work with Adoption & Beyond during your adoption process, we partner you with an adoption coordinator. Your coordinator is there to help you get started, navigate the adoption, and help with your post-adoption needs.

Another amazing resource for adoptive parents is groups of parents just like you. Either online or in-person, an adoptive parent support group gives you access to families who have walked a mile in your shoes before you even slipped them on. Every family’s adoption journey is different, but nobody understands what you’re going through better than a family who has already made this journey themselves.

Hope for the Best but Plan for the Worst

This sounds ominous, but we don’t want you to have a negative connection to your adoption journey. Rather, we feel that the best way to prepare for your future child is to know that while everything could be smooth and stress-free, there might be some bumps in the road. Preparing for the worst provides you with the tools, strategies, and emotional strength to get your family through the shadows and into the light. Whether it’s going through a failed adoption or dealing with unmet expectations. In the end, parenthood is worth it all and this will become abundantly clear once your child is placed in your arms.  

Do Your Research 

While you wait for your child to join your family, begin researching and educating yourself on the things that make you most nervous about parenting. Becoming educated will help give you peace of mind and prepare you to welcome your new son or daughter with the courage and determination to be the best parent possible. If you’re considering adoption, or you have questions or concerns about the adoption process and how to prepare, we invite you to contact us at Adoption & Beyond. Call 913-381-6919 for a consultation today.

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