Our Lives Changed When We Adopted – The Pommier Family Story

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Pommier Family

We recently asked the Pommier Family “What has life been like as a family after completing adoption?”  They responded with their story about how they were a family of three and became a family of five.

Our Lives Changed When We Adopted

Our lives drastically changed when we adopted. We were a family of three for almost six years, then seemingly in the blink of an eye, we became a family of five.

Our biological daughter was five years old when our second daughter came to us as a foster placement, she was two months old and we’ve since adopted her.

About six weeks later, we got the call from our adoption consultant (out of the blue) that the mother of a two-week-old boy in Orlando, Fla. had chosen us to be his adoptive parents. The call came on a Wednesday and we were in Orlando by Friday evening and met our son.

We Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way

Life was crazy, to put it lightly, but honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We thank God for the blessing each of our children is in each other’s lives. One of the biggest blessings that adoption has been in our lives has been the opportunities we’ve had to educate our family and friends about the many misconceptions of adoption.

All of the legal things are done, adoptions have been finalized, the paperwork is over, and we are a family. When people ask us if we’re glad we adopted, without hesitation our answer is a resounding yes.

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