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special needs adoption

No matter the origins of a child’s birth, they are each uniquely beautiful and equally lovable. In some cases, a baby is born with special needs. This does not make them any less adoptable than a baby born healthy. 

In fact, there are many families who choose to adopt children with special needs because they have the knowledge, love, and patience to help those children grow up and lead happy and healthy lives.

Some of the issues that may signify a special needs birth include:

  • Children Who Have Been Exposed to Alcohol and Drugs: Babies born from birth mothers who use drugs while pregnant, have no issues with finding the right family willing and able to love and care for them. 
  • Children Born with Down’s Syndrome: There are many families nationally who are waiting to adopt a child who has Down’s Syndrome. 
  • Babies Born Premature: While a lot of families are initially scared to adopt a child who has been born prematurely, once the child arrives, many are ready to jump in and begin caring for the baby while they are in the NICU. 
  • Other Birth Defects: Abnormal limbs, heart defects, neural tube defects, and facial malformations such as cleft palate are some other reasons a child may be deemed to have special needs.

While children born with special needs often require extra medical care, time, attention and patience, they can thrive and grow up to lead extraordinary lives when placed with a loving family ready to meet the needs and challenges.

Birth Mother’s Right to an Adoption Plan

Whatever the child’s special need, it doesn’t negate a birth mother’s right to choose an adoption plan for her child with a licensed adoption agency. The focus remains on providing the best care for the baby, despite these circumstances. 

Finding a loving adoptive family for the baby through a licensed adoption agency such as Adoption & Beyond, ensures the child isn’t left to linger in the state foster care system.

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