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Adopting a child is an amazing process this union creates a loving family for a child to grow up in. As a leading non-profit adoption agency in Kansas and Missouri, Adoption & Beyond works closely with expectant parents and adoptive parents to provide support and resources throughout the adoption experience. As you begin your journey in adoption, it is important to be sure that adoption is right for your family.

Adoption is a long path filled with many unknowns, questions, ups, and downs. Before you begin the process, there are some questions you should consider, including:

When you think about the idea of adoption, how does it make you feel? 

Adoption is an amazing opportunity to create a family, but it is not for everyone. When you think about adoption, how does it make you feel? Are you elated by the thought of having a child join your family? Are you nervous about adopting a child? Most adoptive families feel a myriad of emotions, and there is no right or wrong answer. What is important is simply that you know how you feel about the subject, and that you are ready to discover all of the aspects of parenting a child through adoption.

Could you love a child who is not related by blood as much as one who is?

As an adoption agency, we truly believe that parenthood comes from the love we give our children as they grow. Therefore, adoptive parents are truly parents. However, there are some people who would have trouble accepting a child who lacks some portion of their own DNA. It is important to know which of these types of people you are. Could you love a baby, even if it were not yours genetically? That is the big question you need to answer for yourself.

Does the thought of adoption make you feel hopeful? 

This correlates with the initial question of how you feel about adoption but expands upon it. Do you feel hopeful about your prospects of becoming an adoptive parent? Do you have dreams about what your future with your new child could look like? Being optimistic and positive is a good sign as you enter into the adoption process.

Are you prepared for a roller coaster of emotions? and a complex legal process?

As you proceed with an adoption there are many people here to help you. Your adoption coordinator will work with you and the expectant parents to ensure everybody has all the information required for a successful adoption. Even with all the guidance, there are ups and downs throughout the process. Are you prepared to handle the roller coaster of emotions that will come your way? If not, you may want to speak to somebody about your feelings before starting the adoption process.

Have you grieved the idea of not having biological children?

Finally, if you have not had any biological children, have you had the opportunity to grieve this loss before adopting? Your adoptive child will love you unconditionally as any child loves their parents. It is important that you know you can give that same level of love in return. Sometimes, families who have not been able to conceive a biological child need time to grieve before considering adoption. This ensures you can fully embrace the adoption journey, the birth family and your new baby.

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If you are a family looking to adopt, we invite you to contact Adoption & Beyond at 1-913-270-6102. For healthcare providers working with prospective adoptive parents, we have a helpful guide to assist you in supplying as much support as possible. You can find our guide here.

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