The Adoption Guide for Healthcare Providers Working with Adoptive Families

There are many reasons a family finds themselves turning to adoption as an answer to growing their family. But no matter what avenue an adoptive family has taken to get to the beginning stages of their adoption journey, there are always many questions that need to be answered.  

At Adoption & Beyond, we know how vast that list of questions can be and how much comfort the answers can provide in making a decision that is right for them.

It is our belief that every participant in adoption experiences the adoption process in their own unique way and this should be recognized and respected. This includes you, the Healthcare provider.

The Role of the Healthcare Provider with Adoptive Parents

Because healthcare providers like you play an important role in informing adoptive families of their options, we created this guide. Its purpose is to help educate healthcare professionals in Kansas and Missouri on working with prospective adoptive parents through this emotional journey.

This Guide focuses on the following topics:


  • Deciding if Adoption is Right for Them
  • Selecting the Right Avenue for Adoption
  • What to Expect with the Paperwork and Training
  • Adoption Costs
  • What is Open Adoption?
  • Your Adoption Profile Book
  • Communication Pre-Birth
  • The Hospital Experience
  • How to Get Started

Download The Adoption Guide for Healthcare Providers Working with Adoptive Families

At Adoption & Beyond, it is our mission to meet the needs of birth parents, adoptive parents, and their children, by providing quality adoption services before and after placement. We assist prospective adoptive parents by providing education, support, and quality services to build their families through adoption. 

For additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to Adoption & Beyond, we are here to support not only you as the healthcare professional, but also the prospective adoptive parents, and ultimately the children involved. 

We are by your side through every step of the adoption process. To learn more about Adoption & Beyond and the services we provide reach out to us here.