An Expecting Mom’s Guide to Adoption

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Have you ever wondered what the steps are that an expecting mother has to go through when they want to go through the adoption process? Well, you are in the right place! Based on my youtube video, I will be sharing the adoption process from the perspective of an expecting mother, so you can better support the expecting mother in your adoption process.

Here’s the step by step process of what an expecting mother will go through as she is in the adoption process.

  1. Agencies asking questions and getting to know the expecting mother. Typically the process will start by asking general questions regarding her situation and her “why” in considering adoption. This allows agencies to know her situation so they can better support her.
  2. Filling out paperwork. Believe it or not, expecting mothers also have quite a bit of paperwork to fill out! This paperwork collects information on the mothers background, current lifestyle, medical history, and anything hereditary that could be passed on to her child. This also allows us to understand what families would be best for her and what profiles to show to her that would be a good fit.
  3. Sharing profiles of hopeful adoptive families. Based on the information gathered in the previous step, the expecting mother will be shown profiles based on her preferences and then will be able to select a family. Sometimes, if an agency does not have any profiles that match the expecting mother’s preferences, they will reach out to other adoption professionals for more profiles.
  4. Choosing a family and scheduling a Match Meeting. Once a family is chosen, the adoption agency will set up a match meeting where the expecting mother and hopeful adoptive family can meet in person.
  5. Getting to know the family. At this point, the family and expecting mother have the opportunity to deepen their relationship. It is up to the expecting mother how much she would like the hopeful adoptive family to be a part of her life, but it is not uncommon for families to accompany the expecting mother to doctors appointments or dinners with extended family.
  6. Support giving. Sometimes, hopeful adoptive families will agree to provide financial support to the expecting mother. Support does not always have to be financial and can take many different forms as well. This is also the stage where both parties will get their attorneys in place. It is vital that both parties understand the legal process of what is going on and have legal representation.
  7. Preparing the Hospital Plan. Creating a birth plan and making hospital arrangements is a key part of this process. Many people don’t realize all the tiny details that go into making a Hospital Plan!
  8. The hospital stay and birth. After the birth of the baby, the mother makes the final decision about the adoption. If a mother changes her mind, it usually happens after the birth.
  9. Completing additional paperwork. If the mother decides that she still wants to continue the adoption, she will meet with her attorney and sign additional paperwork. From this point, the baby will go home with the adoptive family from the hospital.
  10. Post Adoption Care. This is when the birth mother receives the support that she needs after placement. This can include emotional support, advice counseling, and more. Many birth mothers experience grief after the adoption and having support can be helpful to deal with it. Birth mothers begin navigating an open adoption relationship after placement with their birth child.

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