6 Steps in an Adoptive Home Study Process

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Adopting a child can be an extremely nerve-wracking and intimidating process!

First, there is the decision to adopt in itself which takes a lot of planning, communicating, and researching. Next, there is the excitement of getting started with the process immediately followed by a sense of fear about doing everything correctly. Then, of course, there is a TON of paperwork that needs to be done and I don’t mean that lightly. Literally anything and everything that can be checked will be from your background to your medical history.

I don’t say these things to deter you from considering adoption, but to prepare you for the long and often intimidating journey ahead. It’s no cake-walk bringing a child into your family by way of adoption, but in the end, it is absolutely always worth it!

In this week’s episode of All About Adoption

I am sharing the 6 Steps in an Adoptive Home Study Process. Thousands of families go through this process a year and many of them start out right where you are – nervous, scared, and unsure about the entire procedure. Of course, those are all natural and normal feelings to have when it comes to the adoptive home study process. If that is where you are today, then this video will walk you through the process and hopefully calm any anxious nerves!

In this video you’ll learn:
What an Adoptive Home Study is NOT
What a Home Study IS
The 6 Steps to expect in a Home Study
How I felt when we first went through the process ourselves

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