Sometimes, you come across something that is so great and wonderful that you want to share it with everyone you know. This video is one of those things.

A few years ago, Ben and Renee Welstead, a couple from Nebraska, adopted their daughters, Cora and Ruby, through the foster care system. The video, made by the husband and wife photography team of Ashley and Jeremy Parsons, was originally posted in 2012. However, this week it has made a viral comeback, and rightfully so. It’s a stunning portrait of an adoption journey and that, as Huffington Post said, “it’s love that makes a family.”

The Welsteads have since fostered more children, and have adopted twins, who are the biological siblings of Cora and Ruby!

Their story is one of many forever families who are brought together by the adoption process. If you are expectant parent or adoptive parent looking for more information about the adoption process, please contact us!


Image: Parsons Photography.