Traveling with Toddlers


Traveling Toddler

The holidays are sneaking up on us quickly. For parents of toddlers, this time of year can be terrifying for one major reason: Traveling. With Kids. Especially in the era of overcrowded flights and delays, the task of keeping a toddler (or two!) entertained can be daunting. At Adoption and Beyond, we understand your trepidation and we are here to help.

Allowing extra time is key when travelling with toddlers. It’s tempting to limit your time at the airport to the absolute minimum, but keep in mind that children prefer to move at their own speed. If your toddler is insistent on his or her independence, be ready to walk through the airport at their pace. They’ll be sitting for the entire plane ride, so giving them this time to work off energy is important.

Keep a variety on snacks on hand for easy eats and lasting energy. High protein snacks are ideal; try string cheese or small cuts of meat. Cut-up veggies, fruit and bagels are also portable and satisfying. Sweets aren’t a great idea; we’ve all seen a child on a sugar high bouncing in their long flight. However, lollipops are a good idea for relieving air pressure in little eardrums.

If you don’t already have a tablet, now is the time to invest in one. You can load up on apps for the kids and alleviate the back pain that comes with carrying all the toys in their playroom for the flight. A few toddler-friendly apps are Bubbles, Toddler Cars, Lazoo Art Box and Peppa Pig Happy Ms. Chicken. You can also rent or buy movies from ITunes, Amazon and other services. Be sure to download in advance! Don’t hop on the plane only to realize that an app isn’t working or the movie didn’t finish downloading.

To keep your kids busy on a longer flight when even a tablet gets boring, a few small toys will do the trick. Try wrapping them as a gift so your tiny companion feels like the toy is a surprise. Market it as a reward for sitting quietly for a set period of time. Finally, remember to pack toys that aren’t multiple pieces; Legos may be awesome for your destination, but are not so awesome for the flight.

What other tricks do you have for keeping your little ones occupied on a flight? Let’s chat about it on Facebook!

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