This Is the Way Our Family Was Always Meant to Be Created: Ashlea Christopher’s Adoption Story

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One thing that we’ve found to be helpful for expecting parents and hopeful adoptive parents who are exploring adoption is hearing real adoption stories from real families. It’s a powerful way to educate people about the benefits of adoption. We asked our Adoption & Beyond families if they would share their stories with us. Here is Ashlea Christopher’s adoption story: 

What Does Life After Adoption Look Like For Your Family? 

 Without adoption, our family would not be complete! We brought our adopted son home on May 25, 2007 and we found out we were expecting another baby on May 27th! It was an exciting weekend to say the least! While we were able to add to our family through a pregnancy, we know that our adopted son was meant to be in our family. Had we not had difficulty getting pregnant, we would never have met our son. 

Perhaps it sounds silly or dramatic, but we know in our hearts that this was the way our family was always meant to be created. 

Our sons are 8 ½ months apart and couldn’t be closer to each other. They are twin souls who have one another to rely on through thick and thin. This has definitely come in handy during the past year of quarantine. We will be forever grateful to Adoption and Beyond for helping us to build our family.  

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