The Six Avenues of Adoptions

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Today we’re going to talk about the six different avenues of adoption. Recently, I created a mini-course that explains the six different avenues of adoption, and I will be linking that mini-course at the end of this post.

When families come to our agency inquiring about adoption, they often believe that there’s only one way to adopt and that’s usually traditional agency adoption. What many families don’t know is that there are actually six different avenues of adoption! In the mini-course, we break down what those six different avenues are and go into detail about the costs, the timeframe, and the process for each one.

  1. Domestic Agency Adoption:
    The first avenue of adoption is domestic agency adoption. That’s when a birth mom is pregnant, comes to an agency, and looks at placing her child for adoption. She’ll choose among the families that the agency has available who are wanting to adopt.
  2. Network Adoption:
    Consultants help families network throughout the United States and work with multiple agencies to be able to find a placement for their child.
  3. Private Adoption:
    The third avenue is private adoption. I refer to them as DIY adoptions. That’s where a family does their own self-networking. They look for an expecting parent that is looking to place her child for adoption. There are lots of professionals that can assist these families. As an agency, we offer a service where we walk alongside families after finding an expecting mom, just to ensure they don’t miss a beat during a private adoption.
  4. Embryo Adoption:
    The fourth avenue of adoption is embryo adoption, which is when someone adopts embryos that are thawed and transferred to them with the hopes that they become pregnant with the embryos.
  5. Foster Care Adoption:
    Number five is foster care adoption, where families adopt a child who is available in the foster care system. Typically, these are older children. The foster care system encourages younger children to be reunited with their birth families. When that is no longer an option, younger children become available for adoption. But ultimately, if you want to adopt from foster care, you need to be open to an older child.
  6. International Adoption:
    The sixth avenue of adoption is international adoption, where families adopt a child from another country.

That’s it! Of course, this is just a brief overview of the six different avenues of adoption. In the mini-course that I’m going to link to below, we dive into these in greater detail. As I mentioned earlier, we talk about the costs, the timeframe, the process, and all the details about the six different avenues.

Remember, when it comes to adoption, you have to start somewhere.

Find the course here:

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