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Surprisingly, the home study process, joining an adoption program, and doing the research are the easy parts of adopting. The more challenging issue that I’m asked about often is, “How do I survive the wait?” There are some things that will keep you busy while you’re in the thick of it.

Here are 6 helpful activities to survive the wait during the adoption process:

  1. Raise funds for your adoption.
    A lot of families don’t have all the money they need to support their adoption. Therefore, raising money via fundraising, re-budgeting, or picking up a side hustle may be options to consider if you could use the extra funds.

  2. Document your adoption process.
    Personally, I love journaling (here’s my favorite one). However, thanks to the internet, there are several different ways for you to document your journey and share it with others should you wish to do so. YouTube, online diaries, and journaling apps are only a few options that you could choose from.
  3. Get involved in an adoption support group.
    Adoption & Beyond has a Facebook group where families can jump in to ask questions and get support whenever they need it.
  4. Adoption books (or audiobooks) and podcasts.
    Take this time to do more research, further educate yourself, or be inspired by other families who’ve adopted.
  5. Home improvement projects.
    What around your house needs to be updated before your new child arrives? Is there a playroom that needs tackling? A nursery that could use some sprucing up? Or perhaps other general home improvement projects that would make a world of difference before the baby arrives? I advise families to take care of these projects while they wait. Before they know it, their new bundle of joy will arrive and come with even more responsibilities that can make accomplishing these tasks challenging.
  6. Take a vacation.
    The adoption process can be exhausting and overwhelming which is why it’s not uncommon for me to suggest that families take a much-needed break when they can. Take a trip to your dream destination or do a recreational activity that you’ve always wanted to do. Find something enjoyable to do that will reduce stress and set your mind at ease. Once your adopted child finds his or her way into your home, some of these trips and activities may have to be put on hold, so I suggest you make plans to do them sooner rather than later.

Remember, no one has full control over the adoption process and how things will turn out. You can do everything right and things still may not go as planned. The best thing to do while waiting for your dream child is to stay busy and remain hopeful. With patience and a positive outlook, you’ll be holding your new little one in no time.

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