Surviving Family Gatherings During the Adoption Process

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Family gatherings can be both joyous and challenging, especially when you are going through the adoption process. I completely understand the emotional roller coaster that families experience during this time. This week, I’d like to offer some tips on how to navigate family gatherings while on your adoption journey.

Prioritize Self-Care

I have to emphasize the importance of taking care of yourself during stressful times. Engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation. Whether it’s exercise, massages, pedicures, or reading, make time for activities that rejuvenate your mind and body. Don’t forget to journal your thoughts and feelings to help process your emotions. Remember, being gentle with yourself is crucial.

Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries with your family is my second piece of advice. Communicate openly with your loved ones about what is acceptable to discuss and what might be hurtful or uncomfortable for you. Often, family members may unintentionally say or do things that affect you negatively. Let them know about your sensitivities regarding adoption-related topics. Family and friends care about your well-being, and setting clear boundaries will help them understand how to support you better. If necessary, you can even choose to skip family gatherings that you find particularly challenging, but make sure to communicate your reasons to your loved ones.

Take A Break

Taking a break is another vital aspect of surviving family gatherings during the adoption process, especially if you are in the paperwork stage. Allow yourself time to enjoy family moments without the pressure of adoption-related tasks. It’s perfectly okay to put the paperwork aside temporarily. Although the adoption journey may demand your attention even during holidays or family events, remember that it’s alright to take a pause. The paperwork will still be there when you’re ready to resume.

Remember that You are In Control

Family gatherings and emotionally challenging occasions like Mother’s and Father’s Day can be overwhelming. Remember that you have the power to control the pace of your adoption journey. If you need to step back temporarily, do so without guilt. Take time to heal emotionally and regain your strength. Once you are ready, you can pick up where you left off.

Navigating family gatherings during the adoption process can be challenging, but with self-care, clear boundaries, and breaks when needed, you can protect your emotional well-being. Remember, your adoption journey is unique, and by taking care of yourself and communicating openly with your loved ones, you can find the support and understanding you need along the way.

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