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Source: Ondřej Lipár, Flickr

Source: Ondřej Lipár, Flickr

Earlier this year we published a blog series on how to support your spouse through the adoption process. If interested, or if you have a stressed spouse, you can check out our helpful suggestions. We also recently posted a blog with some great suggestions for how you can support friends embarking on the adoption process, too. That blog contains great ideas on how to get educated and be generally supportive. We have more ideas for you, our invaluable readers, on how you can support your friends and family. Feedback is always welcome, so if you have a story or idea to share be sure to comment. You never know who it just might help.

It Takes A Village

Raising a child in any capacity requires support, love, and good friends. From buying the items needed for a newborn to accumulating toys, books, food, and so much more for older children. Not to mention the stress and anxiety that comes into play for adoptive parents as they await news. It’s not uncommon for potential adoptive parents to have their lives turned upside-down in a matter of hours. Though it’s a welcome transition and one full of love, it’s still a lot of change in almost no time.

This is where supportive friends and family can truly help. Don’t wait for the day adoptive parents welcome a new child into their home; start preparing and helping now. That will make the big day so much easier and less stressful. How can you prepare beforehand? Below are some great ideas to support your friends as they grow their family.

Adoption Shower – Whether your friends plan to adopt a baby or an older child, an adoption shower is a fantastic way to help. Be sure to talk with your friends about the potential age range so that guests can have an idea of what sort of gift to buy. You may even encourage your friends to create a registry. Books, toys, clothes, gift cards to restaurants and grocery stores, a photography session, or bedroom furniture all make wonderful gifts. Plus, having supportive friends around to show the adoptive parents that their community supports them will be the best gift of all.

Fundraiser – For some couples, financing adoption can be a large financial hurdle. Even with financial assistance from the adoption agency, there is a lot to consider. Throwing a local bake sale fundraiser or starting an online donation account are wonderful ways to help support your friends. Even getting young kids involved with lemonade stands is a great way to show support and teach your own children about supporting friends and family.

Supporting one another is important to building community, especially for our friends considering adoption. So try out one of these ideas and watch your own village grow.

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