Red Flags in Adoption Agencies: What to Watch Out For

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Today, we’re going to explore an important topic that every prospective adoptive parent should be aware of: red flags when evaluating adoption agencies.

  1. Money Matters

One significant red flag to look out for is an agency that places excessive emphasis on money. While it’s essential to discuss fees and costs, it becomes concerning when they push you to make decisions hastily. If you find another adoption opportunity elsewhere, a rushed commitment could leave your finances tied up with the wrong agency. Take your time, and ensure the agency’s primary focus is not just on your wallet.

  1. Language and Attitude Towards Birth Families

Another critical aspect to consider is how an agency addresses birth families. Do they use the right terminology, such as “expecting parents” before placement and “birth parents” after? Pay attention to how they speak about birth parents. Are they respectful, or do they portray them negatively? It’s supremely important to ensure that the agency treats expecting parents with the utmost respect and that their decisions are voluntary and informed.

  1. Ethical Matching Practices

Ethical behavior and practices matters greatly in the adoption process. Be cautious of agencies that employ unethical matching practices. Some may falsely advertise as local agencies in states where they aren’t even located within, misleading both prospective adoptive parents and expecting parents. Such deceptive practices should raise alarm bells. Seek adoption professionals who prioritize honesty and ethical behavior.

  1. Post-Adoption Support

Last but not least, consider the level of post-adoption support offered by the agency. Limited support can leave you and the birth parents in a challenging situation after placement. Look for someone who is committed to being there for you and the birth parents in the long run, ensuring that you receive the assistance and guidance you need.

These red flags are essential to keep in mind when selecting an adoption professional. Your journey to parenthood should be filled with trust, respect, and ethical practices. If you found this information helpful, I encourage you to watch our companion video on this topic for more insights

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