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At Adoption & Beyond, we are available to talk with you whenever you need us. We understand the immediate nature of adoption and that questions can arise all the time. Although we hope that you will come in and visit us (or call), we also know that making time for appointments in busy lives is a challenge. Most of us turn to the internet for answers, whether we need help with a math problem or a parenting technique. And the internet can be a great resource, especially for people who can’t travel easily or have long work hours.

Below is a list of adoption webinar resources for potential and current adoptive and foster parents. If you’ve never participated in a webinar, don’t worry! It won’t bring back nightmares of pop quizzes or tests. It’s simply an online “class” or meeting. Your level of participation is entirely up to you. Most offer a general informative lecture followed by the ability to type in questions. Then the speaker will address as many questions as possible and provide additional web links, PowerPoint presentations, and more. They are a wonderful resource for getting started.

If you attend any webinars and have questions, feel free to call us so we can help.

The information below was originally posted on our blog over a year ago, but we’ve gone through and updated the information with current offerings and details. So if you missed this blog last time, now’s your chance to take advantage of some of these great options.

Online Webinars

C.A.S.E. webinars – The Center for Adoption Support and Education (CASE) has a mission to strengthen the wellbeing of foster and adoptive families and understands that learning is a natural and lifelong process. They offer a monthly webinar series called “Strengthening Your Family” that gives away 300 free registrations (it’s normally $25). The next one is scheduled for October 19th and tackles the topic “Being the Best Adoptive Parents We Can Be: Intersections of Race and Adoption” with Beth Hall, Executive Director, Pact: An Adoption Alliance.

Coupon codes for free webinars can be found on their site, along with a monthly schedule of all webinars you can attend.

Adoptions Together – This site offers a variety of free, on-demand webinars covering topics such as transitioning from foster care to being an adoptive parent and how to be a child’s advocate in school. For a nominal fee (about $10.00), you can also choose from another 20 webinars covering a wide variety of topics useful to both foster and adoptive parents.

National Council for Adoption – The archived webinars are available to download instantly and over topics from parenting stress to adoption and the law. Though do note that state laws vary and if you have questions, please call us.

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