We like to take the time to reflect on inspiring adoption stories, especially when we get so accustomed to hearing bad news each time we turn on the TV or open up the newspaper.

The past few weeks, we’ve seen some stories that are wonderfully inspiring.

Iowa Family Includes 17 Adopted Children, Plus Dozens More Former Foster Kids

Ruth Buckels has been a foster parent since 1988, and she’s cared for up to fifty children over the past twenty-five years. She has legally adopted seventeen children, but she says that she regularly hears from 45-50 children.

She is also an advocate for adoption as a positive parenting option, and joins other advocates to raise awareness of adoption’s benefits.

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Before She Died, Young Woman Created an Adoption Fund

This story is heartbreaking in many way, but it’s also incredibly inspiring. A 23-year-old woman who died in August of uterine and ovarian cancer asked that the $70,000 she received from a fundraiser to help her with medical costs be used instead to help families wanting to adopt.

Because she herself was unable to conceive, her last wish was to help others adopt. The woman’s parents are dedicated to keep the foundation growing for as long as they can.

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Adoptions from Vietnam Reopen 

After a six-year hiatus, Americans will again be permitted to adopt children from Vietnam. The new ruling limits adoption to children who have special needs, are at least five years old, or who have a biological sibling.

This is great news for children in Vietnam who are waiting for a loving family to care for them. According to some sources there are 1.5 million children in Vietnam who fit the profile above.

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