How to Financially Prepare for Adoption

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Adoption is a fulfilling yet costly process.

This, however, is no reason to shy away from it. Planning and financial preparation can help ensure your family’s experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Being financially prepared before you begin the adoption process is very important. Establishing your adoption plan and identifying the resources available to you can help lessen the financial impact on your growing family and allow you the opportunity to enjoy this exciting time.

Identify the types of adoption and the fees attached

There are multiple different types of adoption you can choose from. Once you look over the varying methods of adopting a child it is important to determine what best suits your family’s needs and what fees you will have to pay before you begin the application process.

Many factors play into why different types of adoption cost what they do. If you choose to go through a private adoption process, that could cost upwards of $20,000, whereas going through foster care includes minimal expenses.

Assess your current living situation

It is important to make sure that you have enough space to add another member of your family to your household. This could mean taking on some projects within your current home, or you may find it easier to move into a new home before the adoption.

If you choose to stay in your current home and renovate to fit your growing family, start a dedicated savings account to finance these endeavors. If you decide a new home would better accommodate your family’s needs proper financial planning at the beginning of this process can help avoid additional stressors. Getting a mortgage pre-approval can help determine exactly how much money you can borrow towards your new home, therefore streamlining the house-hunting process.

Establish a budget

Something that might get lost in all the excitement of the moment is just some simple budgeting. As your family grows, it’s important to restructure your current budget to account for the added costs. Making an addition to your family will mean putting more money towards things such as groceries, clothes, and schooling.

Whether you budget your money on your own or utilize the services of a financial manager, making sure you bring in enough money to live comfortably after the adoption is very important.

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