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Each adoption agency you encounter holds a unique philosophy, mission, and purpose. At Adoption & Beyond, we are a non-profit agency with a strong commitment to uphold family values and provide loving homes for children in need. Working with our team of adoption professionals here in Kansas and Missouri, you will notice we are quite different from other local agencies.

Throughout this blog, we want to talk about some of the ways we stand apart from alternative adoption sources. Here’s what you should know about Adoption & Beyond.

Benefits of Working with Adoption & Beyond 

When you choose adoption through Adoption & Beyond you instantly gain access to the many benefits of our non-profit agency. These include:

No-Obligation Consultations

Meeting with an adoption coordinator doesn’t mean you are committing to an adoption. Whether you are a prospective birth parent or adoptive parent, we are here to support you in finding the right path. Our consultations are provided free of charge and without any obligation to work with us, we just want to make sure everyone is fully educated prior to heading down the path of adoption.

Domestic, International, Private, Embryo Adoption and Foster Care Assistance

We are so committed to our cause, that we assist families in any way possible with a  variety of adoption services, locally and internationally to help our families find the perfect fit. Whether you adopt domestically or internationally, we are here to help in any way needed, whether with placement, adoptive home study, education or post-adoption support you can count on our experienced team to be with you every step of the way.

We Begin Home Study as Soon as Possible

Before adoptive families are approved for adoption, an adoptive home study must commence. We work quickly to start the adoptive home study process, so families can begin their adoption journey as soon as possible.  We provide the home study paperwork at your initial consultation. Our part of the home study process takes approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. The rest of the time frame depends on how quickly a family can complete and gather all the necessary home study materials.

What Sets Us Apart as a Non-Profit

Being a Hague Accredited non-profit licensed child-placing agency, with many years of experience, we are well respected by many other adoption agencies and professionals. We are a 501(c)(3), self-supported non-profit and operate in both Kansas and Missouri, making it easy for us to help families in either state.

We are part of many professional child welfare organizations and are committed to providing humanitarian services to children in need. The best interest of children has always been our main priority, no matter what member of the adoption triad we are working with. Being a non-profit Hague Accredited licensed child-placing agency, we work to uphold ethical values and transparency in everything we do, while keeping the child’s best interests at heart. 

For more information on Adoption & Beyond and our unique adoption services, we invite you to call us at 913-381-6919. Our experienced team of adoption coordinators are always happy to answer questions and schedule a free consultation to begin your adoption journey.

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Meet Steffany Aye, the heart behind Adoption & Beyond since its inception in 1998. Fueled by a deep passion for supporting both birth and adoptive parents, Steffany's journey as an adoptive parent has continued the foundation for this non-profit adoption agency.

Drawing from more than 25 years of dedicated experience, Steffany and her team are committed to crafting warm, thriving families through child-centered adoptions. Their inclusive services, free from any form of discrimination, reflect Steffany's unwavering dedication to the beautiful tapestry of adoption.

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