The Adoption Guide for PROFESSIONALS Working with Birth Parents

It is our belief that every participant in adoption experiences the adoption process in their own unique way and this should be recognized and respected. This includes you, the professional.

We recognize professional responsibility to assist clients to reach fully informed decisions. Therefore, we will protect prospective birth families from feelings of obligation to place their children for adoption and will support their right to change their minds prior to placement. And with that responsibility comes our desire to keep everyone informed and educated on the entire process. As a professional, you may find yourself answering questions and offering advice during this time. To assist you through this process, we’ve developed a few steps to guide you. 

The Role of the PROFESSIONAL with Birth Parents

The purpose of this guide is to help educate professionals working with prospective birth parents through this emotional experience by providing you with the information you need to navigate these discussions.

This Guide focuses on the following topics:


  • How to Guide a Prospective Birth Mother Through Her Options
  • What is an Adoption Hospital Plan
  • Myths of Adoption
  • Every Child is Adoptable and Prenatal Substance Abuse
  • What a Birth Mother Should Know about Adoption
  • Birth Mother Adoption Rights
  • Adoption Checklist and Last Minute Adoptions
  • How to Avoid Putting Your Facility at Legal Risk

Download The Adoption Guide for PROFESSIONALS Working with Birth Parents 

At Adoption & Beyond, it is our goal to meet the needs of birth parents, adoptive parents and their children, by providing quality adoption services before and after placement. We assist prospective birth parents by providing for their emotional needs as they prepare and participate in an adoption plan.

For additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to Adoption & Beyond, we are here to support not only you as the professional, but also the prospective birth parents, and ultimately the children involved.

We are by your side through every step of the adoption process. To learn more about Adoption & Beyond and the services we provide reach out to us here.