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child ipadSummer has practically vanished from our grasp, and it’s time to talk about getting organized for the new school year. Whether your Kindergartener needs reading help or your 6th-grader struggles to juggle soccer practice and violin lessons, there’s an app just for you. Here are some apps for back to school that will help make the transition from summer to school time as easy as possible.

1. Sunrise

Perfect for parents juggling multiple children with multiple schedules all at once, Sunrise is an intuitive calendar that can connect to your Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, and iCloud. You can even add birthdays and events from Facebook into Sunrise! Available for Desktop, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

2. myHomework Student Planner

For the students taking lots of classes with lots of homework, this app is a great organizer and calendar all in one. You can also connect the planner across multiple devices, so your studious student never has to go without it. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8, and web.

3. Duolingo

Your child will be the rockstar of their Spanish/French/German class with this app. Duolingo gamifies the language learning process, with different levels in eight international languages to choose from. Available for iPhone and Android.

4. School A to Z

Need to brush up on your algebra to help your student with that homework assignment? This app will get you through all of those difficult homework questions that you simply don’t know the answer to. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Tablet.

5. ArtKive

The school year is long and filled with so many art projects. Don’t feel bad about losing that finger paint masterpiece again with ArtKive: it saves your child’s art for you! Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

6. Grandma’s Kitchen

This kid-friendly game hold seven mini games within it, teaching your child in the process. We can almost smell the homemade cookies already! Available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

We hope that this school year is a good one for all families out there! For any adoption questions you may have, please contact us today!

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