Adoptive Families on Halloween

Already overwhelmed by class parties and Halloween costumes? Here are some fun family Halloween activities to help you and the kids make it through this busy season! Whether it’s a night with all the kids at home or a group activity at school, these crafts and games are sure to keep the kids occupied and laughing.

Do you have a very patient pup? Try dressing the dog up as a favorite literary character. Harry Potter seems to be a frequent theme with this crowd. For extra points, let the kids trim the hedges and dress up the dog as a chia pet. If you are up for a little bit of danger, you can even try this on the cat.

At your next Halloween party, make the kids felt monsters for favors! Of course, older kids and teens can make the monsters as crafts. As an added bonus, you can create adoption certificates, let the kids name the monsters and fill in the adoption form with their new monster family details. This is a great and easy way to make adoption a fun conversation topic for the future.

Here’s a fantastically simple craft idea from crafty morning: Find a white pumpkin or paint a pumpkin white. Take the paper off some brightly covered crayons. Arrange the crayons around the top of the pumpkin. Melt the crayons using a hair dryer and… voila! You have a cute and colorful Halloween decoration!

What do you have planned with your family for Halloween? Let’s talk about it on Facebook!