5 Family Bonding Activities Cleverly Disguised As Awesome Holiday Gifts


The holidays are back! If you are looking for gifts that will get your kiddos away from their game consoles, phones or TVs, we’ve got you covered! These gifts are not only fun, they are excellent ways to bond. These gifts can be to or from any member of the family! Happy shopping!

How Do You See the World?

This game will ensure no one leaves the dinner table too soon! Questions like “How do you connect best with others?” and “What motivates you?” will get the conversation going. While the game is G-rated, it’s probably best for kids older than eight, who have had time to develop their own thoughts and opinions about the world. This is a portable game you can do not just around the dinner table but in the car or in line at the store!

Date Night In Cookbook

A great gift for Mom and Dad, but one that the entire family can use! There is something very special about spending time in the kitchen with your family. Some of our best childhood memories revolve around this room in the house. Cooking with your kids gives you time with and focused attention on each other. This cookbook creates entire meals for a date night in, including the grocery list. Instructions are easy to follow and the recipes are ones that the whole family will love!

The Official Family Fun Bucket List

This gift is small but it is crammed packed full of family fun! Each stick has a family activity printed on it and room on the back to write the date!  You pick and day and a stick and your family will have a blast doing things like learning about 3 constellations then spending the evening star gazing. Some activities do take a little planning or preparation but that is part of the fun!

Q & A a Day For Kids: A Three Year Journal

This journal will forever be a family keepsake! It has 365 questions, one for each day of the year. Each question gets one page. You simply fill in the year and answer the question! Every year gets 5 lines so you can write an answer for every member of your family. This is an awesome activity to do every night before bed!

Dig in to a chapter book

Getting into a great chapter book can be a wonderful and memorable bonding experience for a family. Books can start conversations and get your imaginations working. This is a master list of chapter books that are enjoyable for all ages! If you have older kids, you could take turns reading. Younger kids love to make costumes and dress up as their favorite character in the book. The bonding with this activity can go far beyond the time you spend actually reading it!

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