There are many questions and concerns that birth parents face when embarking on the journey to understand the options surrounding adoption. These decisions are based around not just information but also emotions and intuition. At Adoption & Beyond, we want you to be at peace with any decision you make, so we are providing a periodic blog series to address some questions and concerns that arise for many prospective birth parents.

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A common concern is that prospective birth parents feel they would not consider adoption if they cared for their child. Let us say right away that adoption can be truly the most loving and selfless choice a prospective birth parent can make for their child. There are numerous reasons prospective birth parents consider adoption, but a lack of care is not one of them. It takes great care and time to fulfill a pregnancy, especially one surrounded by so many unanswered questions. The choice of adoption is often made because the prospective birth parent put the child’s needs before their own. Such a choice is not without sacrifice and challenges, all born out of a deep care of and desire to provide for the child.

If this is a concern for you, then consider reading “Dear Birthmother: Thank You for Our Baby” by Kathleen Silber and Phyllis Speedlin (an adoptive parent). The book is composed of actual correspondence between birth parents and adoptive parents, all to dispel the myth that birth parents do not care for their children. Reading the conversations also helps answer many common questions prospective birth parents have and provides some shared experiences and insights.

This one concern is just the beginning for many who are considering adoption. If you have more questions, then consider reading our Prospective Birth Parents section on our website that includes everything from adoptive rights to frequently asked questions and contact information.