Enjoying A Stress-Free, Family Dinner In Support of Adoption & Beyond

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What It Is

On March 24 and 25, you’re invited to be a part of our exclusive curbside fundraiser pick up event at Dream Dinners located in Overland Park, KS. For just $50, you’ll receive three delicious, medium-size dinners to take home and enjoy with your family. You’ll also receive a fun packet containing more information about how easy homemade meals can be. And, to help support our mission of building healthy families through child-centered adoptions, Dream Dinners will donate $10 from each order to Adoption & Beyond.

Dream Dinners is an Overland Park, KS meal prep business that takes care of the planning, grocery shopping, preparation, and clean up of dinners so that you can enjoy less stress and more time with your family. We’re honored to be partnering with Dream Dinners for this fundraiser.

How It Works

1. Order Your Meals Online
  • Using the links below, choose a pickup time and select three medium-sized meals for your family to enjoy for just $50 (each meal serves three people). You must register, select your entrees, and submit your order for the meals to be ready for pickup at your selected time.
  • Dream Dinners will donate $10 from each order to Adoption & Beyond!
2. Ahead of Your Arrival, Dream Dinners Prepares the Meals For You
  • Dream Dinners’ ServSafe certified team will prep the meals that you ordered and also put together a fun packet of information for your family. 
3. Pick Up Your Meals
  • On the date and time you selected, arrive at the Dream Dinners store and they’ll be ready with your fully assembled meals.
    • Dream Dinners Overland Park
      6517 W. 119th St Overland Park, KS 66209
4. Enjoy!
  • When you’re ready to enjoy your meals, simply thaw them and follow the prep instructions. Then, sit down and enjoy your meals at home with your family. 
  • And, if you place a full-size order within one week of pickup, Dream Dinners will donate an extra $20 to Adoption & Beyond! 

Join Our Exclusive Pick-Up Event

Our curbside fundraiser events are available on the following days and times. You must register, select your entrees, and submit your order for the meals to be ready for pickup at your selected time. Please note that each pickup time closes 24 hours in advance. You may simply select the day and time that works best for you and your family here: 

Thank You For Your Generosity

Your support and contributions are important to help build healthy families through child-centered adoptions. We appreciate your generosity, and we hope that these meals will bring joy to your family. 

If you don’t live local, be sure to spread the word to your Kansas City friends, and/or if you’re interested in other ways you can support Adoption & Beyond, see some additional opportunities here

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