Embracing the Journey: Adoptive Family Interview With Monica and Brandon

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Today, I have a heartwarming treat for you as we sit down with Monica and Brandon, who will share their beautiful adoption journey with us. It’s a story of love, resilience, and the joy of finally finding their precious daughter, Layla. So, let’s dive right into their story.

Starting the Adoption Journey

Monica and Brandon’s journey into adoption began with a realization that they might face challenges conceiving due to Monica’s PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Still, their passion for becoming parents burned bright. Early in their relationship, they both agreed that parenthood was in their future, even if it meant exploring other options like adoption.

Choosing Adoption & Beyond

After tying the knot, they embarked on their parenthood journey, exploring fertility treatments to no avail. Monica’s appendix unexpectedly burst, prompting them to reflect on their path to parenthood. They began to consider adoption more seriously, and after researching local agencies, they found Adoption & Beyond, a small but caring agency based in the Kansas City area.

They were impressed by the personal touch and support they received from everyone at Adoption & Beyond. The agency’s emphasis on caring for birth families during their challenging times struck a chord with Monica, reinforcing their decision to work with them.

Navigating the Waiting Period

The waiting period was one of the most challenging aspects of their adoption journey. Monica candidly shared that during this time, she experienced feelings of frustration and envy when seeing friends with newborns, but she realized it was natural to feel this way.

To cope with the wait, Monica began documenting their progress and preparing for the future, reading books on parenting and crafting items for their future child. She encouraged others to embrace their emotions and not feel guilty for feeling anxious or envious during the wait. It’s essential to be patient and remember that the right match will come in time.

Navigating Through Failed Adoptions

Monica and Brandon also had to cope with the heartache of failed adoptions. They experienced several potential matches that didn’t work out, which left them devastated. The first failed adoption hit them particularly hard as they had met the mother and child and were preparing to welcome the baby into their home.

While each failed adoption was difficult, they found solace in knowing that their child was still out there, waiting for them. They found the strength to persevere, and their unwavering commitment ultimately led them to Layla.

Welcoming Layla Into Their Lives

Finally, the day they had been waiting for arrived. Monica and Brandon received the call that would change their lives forever. They met Layla’s birth family and instantly knew that she was meant to be their daughter.

Their bond with Layla’s birth family has been a vital aspect of their adoption journey. Initially, the adoption was planned to be closed (by the birth mother), but both sides realized the importance of maintaining a connection. They now have regular visits and genuinely cherish their relationship with Layla’s birth family.

Reflections and Gratitude

As they reflect on their journey, Monica and Brandon are overwhelmed with gratitude for the support and love they received from Adoption & Beyond. They also acknowledge the fears and uncertainties that adoptive parents may face, such as the fear of rejection or feelings of inadequacy. To others starting or continuing their adoption journey, they offer words of encouragement: “If adoption is what you truly want, go for it. Embrace the process and be patient. The journey may have its challenges, but the rewards are immeasurable.”

Monica and Brandon’s adoption journey is a testament to the power of love, determination, and trust in the process. They faced hurdles, but they never lost hope. Through the love and support of Adoption & Beyond, they found their precious Layla, completing their family and filling their lives with joy. Watch their full interview HERE.

If you’re considering adoption, remember that every journey is unique. Embrace the emotions that come with it, lean on the support of others, and keep your heart open to the love that awaits you. As Monica and Brandon’s story shows, the perfect match is waiting just around the corner.

Next week, we’ll be interviewing Candice, Layla’s birth mother – so stay tuned for the next chapter of this beautiful adoption story!

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