Easter Crafts for Families   


Source: Personal Creations, Flickr

Source: Personal Creations, Flickr

Spring is here and that means Easter is coming up soon. This year it falls on April 16, which means parents have plenty of time to get together some great crafts for their kids. Of course, many of your children will be doing crafts in school, but they are another great way to bond as a family and enjoy time together. So clear off the kitchen or craft table, and have the whole family come together on a weekend to celebrate Easter activities and the meaning of the holiday.

For those who participate in Easter egg hunts, you all know the classic egg dying fun to be had. We have compiled some other activities parents and children can do leading up to Easter Sunday. Plus, since so many community centers and churches offer Easter egg hunts for kids, hopefully you will get a little respite on the Sunday to just enjoy your community and family.

Crafts for Young Kids

If you have toddlers in the house, Daily Leisure has a great craft for you. It’s a simple bunny mask that your kids can glue together and then use to hop around the house for hours. They even include how to make a chick and a bunny rabbit.

Here’s one that combines adult and kid fun – wine cork chicks! Another very easy one that uses a little acrylic yellow paint and wine corks to make adorable chicks for refrigerator art.

As with all holidays, bringing the family together in the kitchen is a wonderful way to share and create memories. If you have younger children, don’t worry – they can still help. Give them easy tasks such as pressing cookie cutters into the dough or picking icing colors. They can also remove the green tops from strawberries for dessert or draw pictures to entertain those hard at work in the kitchen.

Crafts for Older Kids

For those with children who are a little bit older, this Easter basket favor from Martha Stewart makes a great gift for teachers. Have your kids help out and make their teacher’s day with a sweet treat. Martha Stewart also has an easy way to make lovely bunny ears for a family photo you are sure to enjoy. Just a little pink felt, some headbands, and hot glue is all you need.

If you want some home decorations, enlist the family in making this easy Easter garland. Gather the plastic eggs, some permanent markers, thread, and spare buttons to make an adorable and classic garland that you can easily store for next year.

However you choose to spend this upcoming holiday, your family will appreciate it and create lasting memories.

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