In October, we asked you about autumn family traditions. Now, since it is the season to be jolly, it’s time to think about traditions that come around once a year for the most popular holiday in December: Christmas.

christmas tree

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, holiday traditions tend to vary from family to family. One of the best things about family traditions is that it is never too late to start a new one! If your family is just getting started out, then it’s time to figure out what tradition fits your personalities and interests perfectly.

1. Determine what your family already enjoys doing. Are you an outdoorsy bunch? Picking and chopping down your own Christmas tree at a farm might be the perfect choice.  Are you crafty? Make a family ornament or decoration each year that celebrates the big moments you shared together. The tricky part is picking something that everyone can do together.

2. Decide what is important about your chosen tradition. With our hectic lives, it can be easy to forget that spending time with your family is incredibly important. Your tradition should reflect your family’s values and beliefs. Ask yourself: “Why is this a tradition worth having?”

3. Do it! There’s no time like the present. With Christmas only a few short weeks away, start your holiday tradition this year. Create memories. Spread that holiday cheer.

A family tradition is something that gets passed down from generation to generation. Those memories with your children (and eventually your grandchildren) is something that you will cherish about every holiday season for years to come. And remember to take some photos to savor the moment forever!

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