How to Choose the Right Adoption Agency


Making the decision to adopt and grow your family is exciting — but can often be daunting. Where do you even start? As you embark on your adoption journey, it’s important to choose an adoption agency that is going to offer you the resources and support that you need. But how do you know how to identify the right adoption agency for your family?

As we work with prospective adoptive parents hoping to adopt a child, one of the greatest tools we can offer is information. Here, we will discuss the process of choosing an adoption agency, and how you can decide which is right for your family.

Consider Attending a Free Consultation

As you begin seeking an adoption agency, one thing to consider is how much you are paying for your initial consultation. As a non-profit, Adoption & Beyond offers families a no-obligation consultation with no forced commitments or fees. We feel that families who receive the appropriate education and support at the beginning of the adoption process are more likely to make an informed decision about the   right direction to build their family. There are six different avenues to build a family understanding each one and their unique time frames and cost will be important to your family. 

Investigate Networks and Resources

Another consideration as you select an adoption agency should be whether that agency has a small or large network of resources. Adoption involves a lot of people and organizations. Sometimes, it means working together with other agencies, maybe even in other countries, to find a perfect match for a child and their forever family.

Our mission as an adoption agency is always to provide a safe and loving home for the children we help place. We have worked hard to develop a wide network of connections who have the same dedication and mission.

Ask About Home Studies 

Before a family is allowed to adopt a child, a home study is necessary. This allows your adoption agency to determine your eligibility, and work with you to help you complete the universally acceptable tool for adoption.

At Adoption & Beyond, our home study process is organized, easy to follow, and recognized locally, federally, and internationally for thoroughness and quality. See for yourself what others have to say about our home study process: testimonials


While choosing an adoption agency, it is imperative to select an organization with proper licensure. This ensures that your agency is reliable, legal, and ethical. Adoption & Beyond is a self-supporting 501(c)(3) non-profit child placing agency with licenses in both Kansas and Missouri. This allows us to help families in both states, whether you are seeking an in-state, out-of-state, or international adoption.

Learn More About Choosing an Adoption Agency to Adopt a Child

Adoption & Beyond works with families in Kansas and Missouri. We work with individuals on every side of the adoption process including birth parents, adoptive parents, children, and other adoption professionals .

We are truly passionate about bringing families together. We work closely with all parties involved in the adoption process to ensure the best possible match for prospective new parents and children.

If you are interested in the journey of parenthood through adoption but need more information, we can help. We invite you to view our Guide to Adopting a Child and speak to one of our specialists today by calling 913-381-6919 or e-mailing

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