Bravelove – Why Adoption? Ashleigh’s Story

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Adoption & Beyond is a partner agency with BraveLove – a pro-adoption movement dedicated to changing the perception of adoption by acknowledging birth moms for their brave decision – and together we bring you some honest stories directly from birth parents. Watch the video below for Ashleigh’s story.
“I couldn’t do it on my own… I felt ashamed and guilty.”

When Ashleigh found out she was pregnant she was homeless, between jobs, and living apart from her support system. Realizing how much she wanted for herself and her child, she reached out to an agency to learn more about adoption. Making an open adoption plan was the right choice for her at this time of her life.

“I am glad I went through this experience. I am glad I had the baby, I am glad I went through all the emotions because it changed me as a person. It’s given me a new perspective of life.”

This is Ashleigh’s story and why she chose adoption.

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