Behind the Curtain of Adoption: Scams, Secrets, and Solutions

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Today we’re diving into a topic that holds immense significance for anyone considering or already embarking on the beautiful journey of adoption. Whether you’re an expecting parent or an adoptive family, one thing remains consistent – the desire for an ethical, transparent, and secure adoption process.

At Adoption & Beyond, we’re all about supporting expecting and adoptive families from pregnancy to placement and beyond. Today, I want to shed light on an organization that’s doing remarkable work to keep adoption safe:

AdoptChange has embarked on a mission to address three core issues in the realm of ethical family building. Let’s take a closer look at these key aspects.


1. Eliminating Unethical Adoption Practices

The first challenge they’re tackling is the presence of unregulated, unlicensed adoption brokers. These individuals pose as adoption professionals but lack the necessary licensing and regulation. Their primary focus is financial gain through matching services, leaving you to hunt for licensed professionals to navigate the adoption process. It’s crucial to be cautious when selecting adoption professionals.


2. Addressing Deceptive Adoption Advertising

Deceptive adoption advertising, especially through Google ads, is another critical concern. Agencies falsely advertise themselves as the #1 Adoption Agency, even when they’re not even an agency. While some states have laws against this, enforcement is lacking. AdoptChange is actively working with lawmakers to create comprehensive federal law that encompasses all states.


3. Ensuring Transparency for All Parties

Lack of transparency can be a roadblock for both expecting parents and adoptive families. Reliable, comprehensive information about the adoption process is often missing. One of the significant transparency gaps involves adoption fees. Many agencies don’t disclose their fees on their websites. However, at Adoption & Beyond, we believe in full transparency and provide this information from the start.

AdoptChange offers a unique tool that allows you to input an agency’s information and discover if they are licensed, nonprofit, and affiliated with ethical standards. You can also identify connected websites, ensuring transparency in your adoption journey.

By collaborating with lawmakers, AdoptChange aims to bring about positive changes in the adoption world. Their goal is to provide families and expecting parents with the confidence that they are working with ethical and licensed agencies. Check out their full website and the good work they’re doing here:

I hope you find this information helpful and reassuring. Building your family through adoption is a beautiful journey, and it’s so important that you can trust those who guide you.

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