Adoptive Parents and the July 4th Holiday

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With the Fourth of July holiday coming up, we thought it important to revisit this blog since it remains an important and relevant topic to adoptive parents and their families. We also made sure to update links for all the Fourth of July celebrations, so if you don’t have BBQ plans yet check out these local options. And get ready to celebrate the beauty of your family and our country!

Celebrating Adoption

We’ve talked about the different countries that parents can adopt from before, such as Ethiopia and China, but what we can sometimes forget is that no matter the birth country of your child, we all come together with different holiday histories. The Fourth of July provides an excellent opportunity to talk about celebrations and history as a family.

The upcoming holiday is a big – and fantastic – one with firework celebrations, barbeques in the backyard, and families coming together to celebrate our country’s independence. With those celebrations comes the opportunity to explain not only what the celebrations mean historically, but also what they mean to you. Share your childhood stories of previous independence days and talk about the sense of community it fosters. Think back to county fairs you attended and share those memories with your child. Often, when we think of Independence Day we think of gathering with family and neighbors. This is a great time to talk about building friendships and bringing families together over holidays.

Recognizing International Adoptions

If your child is old enough, consider discussing their birth country’s own independence story and take that moment to share a bit of their history with yours. Sharing these stories while making new memories will help bridge the past with the present and create new opportunities for the entire family to bond.

Perhaps some cold watermelon and grilled hot dogs are your plans for July 4th, but if you are in need of some holiday family activities be sure to check out the list of select local events below and start your summer off with a celebration of independence your family won’t forget.

City Celebrations

Star-Spangled Spectacular – Kansas City

KC July 4th Riverfest – Berkley Riverfront Park

146th Annual Celebration – Wamego

July 4th Celebration – Gardner

July 4th Celebration – Branson

Fair Saint Louis – St. Louis

Salute to America – Jefferson City

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