adoption profileIf you have just begun the adoption process, then you are probably currently facing the daunting task of creating an adoption profile. But don’t fret! We’ve created a handy guide that takes you through the necessary steps that will save you some precious time and effort. Here’s a quick summary:

Writing. Writing your letter to birthparents is a very exciting step in the adoption journey. To break up the letter and make it easier to begin writing, create a Word document and set it up with 8-10 headings which may include: “Dear Birthparents,” “Our Story,” “Meet (Your name),” “Our Home & Community,” “Meet Our Family,” “Our Work,” “A Few of Our Favorites,” and “Thoughts about Parenting.”

PhotosWhen a potential birthparent looks at a profile, the photos will be the first thing that captures their eye. Most of us don’t have a lot of “profile quality” photos lying around, especially casual portrait style photos for the cover and closing pages. Start taking “candid” photos  from the start of your adoption process. A profile needs to share a bit of your daily life.

Layout. You’re not writing a book, you’re telling your life story. Think about how the text and images flow together on each page. Use colorful yet easy to read fonts, and don’t forget to add captions to your photos!

For our full, detailed guide about building your adoption profile, click here!